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Lessons from the latest Verizon data breach

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Announcements of a data breach at a company or governmental agency have become so common that they no longer seem particularly startling.

Top 12 Cyber Crime Facts and Statistics


Along with the rise of information technology comes a rise in cybercrime and cybersecurity breaches. Check out our top 12 cybercrime facts and statistics to learn more about cybercrime and how it may affect you and your business. Looking for ways to keep your personal information safe? The increasing rates of hacking, data leaks, and other cybercrimes may seem scary. Understanding what cybercrime looks like is the first step to preventing it.

How AI Will Spoof You and Steal Your Identify


People generally appreciate how the new wave of artificial intelligence-powered chatbots from Web giants can perform basic online tasks on our behalf. Who doesn't like having the ability to order a large pepperoni pizza by speaking five words into a smartphone? But security experts warn there's not much to stop cybercriminals from using AI technology to take social engineering hacks and identity theft to scary new levels. A dire warning about the increasing use of AI technology by cybercriminal was issued by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) last month. Eric Peterson, a Director of Threat Research at Intel Security, warned that machine learning is starting to crop up in sophisticated scams that have already netted $3 billion for the bad guys.

Cyber criminals with North Korea ties steal US shoppers' data

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Hackers with ties to North Korea are attacking large US retailers and stealing customer's credit card information. Security experts discovered the group'Hidden Cobra' has been planting digital'skimmers' on checkout pages for at least one year. Also known as Lazurus, the hacking group was found to use malicious strips such as web skimmers to copy sensitive payment information. The cybercriminals are said to have access major retails including the fashion chain Claire's, as well as Paper Source and Focus Camera. Security experts discovered the group'Hidden Cobra' has been planting digital'skimmers' on checkout pages for at least one year.

Criminals Are Using Big Data Tech, And So Should You


If your company's big data collection fell into the wrong hands, it could be devastating. But what you might not be aware of is the fact that cybercriminals are increasingly using advanced analytic tools and techniques to more efficiently mine and monetize stolen data. And to efficiently combat the bad guys, you should probably be using those tools, too. The respected security firm RSA warned companies about the security threat that big data tech posed to companies several years ago. "The sophistication, agility, and speed at which a cybercriminal operates and monetizes their fraudulent information have improved through the use of big data analytics," Kate McGavin, a senior product marketing manager at RSA, wrote way back in 2013.