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China Erects Massive Statue of Donald Trump as Rooster

U.S. News

Its founder, Zhong Jiye, told the Washington Post that the company was established and christened "Trump" long before it knew of The Donald, but the coincidence has benefited him.

Uber had a massive data hack – here's how worried you should be

New Scientist

Uber revealed on Tuesday that it has kept a massive data breach affecting 57 million people quiet for more than a year. The hackers, the company told Bloomberg News, found the data on an Amazon cloud server used by the firm. To keep the leak secret, Uber paid the hackers a ransom of $100,000. "None of this should have happened, and I will not make excuses for it," said chief executive Dara Kosrowshahi, who recently took over the role Travis Kalanick had at the time of the incident. This is one of the larger breaches to have been disclosed by a major firm, but should you be worried?

House Passes Massive Tax Package; Senate to Vote Next

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"We're delivering a tax code that provides more jobs, fairer taxes and bigger paychecks to Americans across the country," said Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, Republican chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. "Our local job creators will see the lowest rates in modern history so they can invest more in their workers and in their future."

Dude builds massive backyard water slide, and of course he got into trouble for it


An Australian man's mammoth backyard waterslide has raised the ire of local authorities, who are concerned that it poses a safety risk. Luke Newton from Perth picked up the three-lane slide, which measures 12 metres (13 yards) long and rises 4.5 metres (4.92 yards) high for free from an old "indoor play centre," according to The West Australian. He installed it adjacent to his backyard pool, where it's received plenty of attention online -- and from the locals. A group of Perth mates inherited an old fairground slide and turned their pool into the hottest (dangerous) attraction in town #geniusorinsane Sadly for Newton, he received a call from his council who demanded the slide be taken down.

Massive Stars Can End With A Massive Fail

Forbes - Tech

Artist illustration of a failed supernova. When a star like our Sun dies, it does so rather calmly. It swells to a red giant for a time, then collapses into a white dwarf. But large stars end much more violently. When a large star runs out of hydrogen to fuse, it starts fusing heavier elements until eventually its core collapses under its own weight.