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10 Tools For Working With Big Data For Successful Analytics


Traditional computer systems and software applications don't have what it takes to support big data. If you want to collect, store, refine, or analyze big data, you have to have the right tools. Check out the following ten tools that are specifically designed with big data in mind. If you know, or are willing to learn Java, Hadoop might be a great solution for you. This open source framework gives you the ability to store large amounts of data over several computers.

Time Warner Cable Customer Data Exposed: Misconfigured Database Reveals Personal Information

International Business Times

The records and personal information of millions of Time Warner Cable subscribers were left exposed online in an unsecured cloud repository by a third party company, security researchers recently discovered. The information was found in two databases operated by third-party vendor BroadSoft, a global communication software and service provider. The trove of Time Warner Cable customer information totaled more than 600 gigabytes of total files. Contained within the databases were a number of personally identifiable pieces of information that could affect Time Warner Cable subscribers. The database listed usernames, email addresses, media access control (MAC) addresses, device serial numbers and financial transaction numbers.

Top 20 Open Data sources


Data is everywhere, created and used by just about anyone. The days when companies or individuals had to pay significant sums of money to access useful and interesting datasets is long gone. Here is our top 20 list of the best free data sources available online. For more interesting articles, projects and events visit our website or contact us directly.

CVs containing sensitive info of over 202 million Chinese users left exposed online


A security researcher has stumbled over an unsecured MongoDB database server that contained highly detailed CVs for over 202 million Chinese users. Who owned the database is still a mystery, said Bob Diachenko, Director of Cyber Risk Research at Hacken Proof, the one who found the server's data left exposed online. The MongoDB instance contained 854GB of data, with 202,730,434 records in total, most of which were CVs for Chinese users. The resumes contained all the sensitive details you might expect to find on a CV, such as full names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails, marital status, number of children, political affiliations, body measurements like height and weight, literacy level, salary expectations, education, past jobs, and more. The info was a threat intelligence gold mine that was left open for the entire internet to find.