21 Scary Things Big Data Knows About You


Of course, Google knows what you've searched for. So do Bing, Yahoo!, and every other search engine. And your ISP knows every website you've ever visited. Google also knows your age and gender -- even if you never told them. They make a pretty comprehensive ads profile of you, including a list of your interests (which you can edit) to decide what kinds of ads to show you.

Will Artificial Intelligence be a Trump Card for MedTech?


In the era of big data, unless one's portfolio is in tune with the evolving digital trend, making prudent investment choices can prove to be a daunting task. Millennials have started to recognize the increasing need of the emerging automation trend and subsequently robotics, IoT, 3D printing are becoming part of our daily life with the latest buzzword being Artificial Intelligence (AI). While Siri and Ok Google have made life easier, the latest version of Global Positioning System helps track almost anything and everything along with its intelligent route map. Also, not being a pro on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter or snapchat can be seen as primitive. According to investment giant Jim Cramer, AI along with big data will soon let companies to bat a thousand.

Alexa, How Do You Really Work?


On this week's If Then, Slate's April Glaser and Will Oremus discuss the outrage at the largest TV-station owner in the country--Sinclair Broadcasting--after the media conglomerate forced its local-news anchors to read a script that echoes Trumpian talking points. They also unpack Trump's beef about Jeff Bezos owning what he calls the #AmazonWashingtonPost. Meanwhile, music streaming site Spotify went public this week in a totally new kind of way. The hosts take a look at its unorthodox move and what it means for the company's future.

Amazon Quietly Buys a Startup To Make Alexa Smarter - Big Data on Top Tech News


The previously unreported acquisition of Graphiq Inc. and its more than 100 employees has given Amazon a new Southern California outpost. It recently began looking to hire additional software developers and data associates in Santa Barbara to work on Alexa. Investors in Graphiq made out with more than they put in, according to a source, suggesting the deal was worth at least tens of millions of dollars. Another source estimated the deal's value at $50 million. Amazon and Graphiq declined to comment.

Experts warn of Amazon Echo Look's privacy issues

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon's newly-announced Echo Look uses the company's Alexa AI to take photos and videos of you and make judgements on outfits. But experts have expressed concern over the privacy issues surrounding a camera that regularly takes and stores pictures of users and their homes. They say that Amazon must update its privacy policy and better-inform consumers of the technology's risks. Amazon has released the Echo Look, which is an Alexa-powered camera that takes full-length photos and short videos of you and your home. Amazon's Echo Look smart camera is priced at $200.