NI Digital Expert interview: Jason Bell Polemic Digital


I first got speaking to Jason via Twitter and then we met at a few networking events. We quickly realised we shared an overtly cynical attitude to the vacuous tripe that emerges from Silicon Valley's startup culture, and want to resist the adoption of that culture in the Northern Ireland tech scene. When it comes to big data and machine learning, I know no one more qualified than Jason. He wrote a book about machine learning which has helped me immensely in coming to grips with the topic, even though I can't even begin to understand the mathematics behind it all. Like myself, Jason is not native to Northern Ireland, but he's been here so long he might as well be part of the furniture.

Here's how to fight crime with data analytics


Big Data is changing a lot of things, including the way in which the world fights crime. As predictive policing gains momentum across the globe, we caught up with Pankaj Kapoor, President ACSG Corporate, to discuss Big Data Analytics and the role it plays in controlling, monitoring and fighting crime in India. Q: How do you think'Big Data Analytics' can assist in battling crime? A: Big Data… the name itself is quite explanatory. It means extremely large data sets structured and non-structured that may be analyzed computationally to reveal, predict, interpret inference patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

Telstra Network Disruption, Winner's Interview: 1st place, Mario Filho


Telstra Network Disruptions challenged Kagglers to predict the severity of service disruptions on their network. Using a dataset of features from their service logs, participants were tasked with predicting if a disruption was a momentary glitch or a total interruption of connectivity. Mario Filho, a self-taught data scientist, took first place in his first "solo win". In this blog, he shares a high-level view of his approach. My background in machine learning is completely "self-taught".

New report: 6 steps to implementing a machine learning strategy


Based on a survey of senior IT leaders as well as in-depth interviews with technology executives, the IDG guide outlines six basic steps to implementing a ML strategy.

Artificial intelligence that runs FB feed can develop its own biases: Michal Kosinski


He is a psychologist, data scientist and the former deputy director of the Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge. He runs the famous myPersonality project and has helped researchers from across the globe to create psycho-demographic profiles for more than 8 million Facebook users. In an exclusive interview with ETTech, Michal Kosinski, assistant professor of organisational behaviour at Stanford Graduate School of Business, talks about the impact of psychometrics on world events, usage by political parties, the rise of right leaning outfits based on algorithms, shaping of people's opinions and the fight with Cambridge Analytica. Edited Excerpts: What kind of impact psychometrics has had over world events in the last 5 years? The role of big data modelling in elections is common worldwide.