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San Francisco to house thousands of homeless in hotels amid coronavirus outbreak

FOX News

Fox News finds the coronavirus outbreak has left San Francisco streets and tourist sites including Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf largely deserted. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Thousands from San Francisco's growing homeless population will reportedly be housed in several of the city's empty hotels to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, a concern that became more pressing as a local shelter reported the first homeless COVID-19 case Thursday. The program represents one of the city's most significant efforts in years to reduce the homeless population. The city has seen a 30 percent increase since 2015, Reuters reported.

TalkTalk down – live: Latest updates as internet outage hits UK during lockdown

The Independent - Tech

TalkTalk internet has stopped working properly, with users unable to get online. Tracking website Down Detector showed a dramatic spike in the number of people reporting issues with the internet service provider. The company claims the problem has since been fixed. "We're aware that some customers were unable to access certain websites for a short period earlier today," a spokesperson said. "The issue has now been resolved and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Virgin Media down: Internet stops working as users complain WiFi and TV services not loading

The Independent - Tech

Virgin Media's broadband and TV service appears to have stopped working properly. The outage comes as huge numbers of people across the country rely on their internet connections to help them study and work from home. Affected users complained on Twitter and other social networking sites that their broadband connections had gone down or they were unable to watch television. Outage tracking website Down Detector saw a huge surge in reports of people struggling to use their TV and internet connections. The problems appeared to be affecting users all across the UK, the site showed.

Plandemic: YouTube, Facebook and other platforms rush to remove viral conspiracy theory pushing baseless claims about coronavirus

The Independent - Tech

Facebook, YouTube and other tech platforms are rushing to remove a viral video called "Plandemic" that promotes conspiracy theories about the coronavirus outbreak. The 26-minute video has become a huge success after being uploaded and then re-uploaded in an attempt to spread it across the internet. It is primarily made up of claims in support of anti-vaccination and other unscientific and unsubstantiated claims about the pandemic. The video features Judy Mikovits, an anti-vaxx activist. In the video she says that wearing masks activates the coronavirus within people, without providing evidence, and criticises orders to stay away from beaches.

5G and coronavirus: YouTube vows to crack down on videos spreading baseless conspiracy theory

The Independent - Tech

YouTube videos that promote the baseless conspiracy theory that 5G is causing the coronavirus pandemic will be suppressed, the company has said. The conspiracy theory has surged in popularity in recent days, after being promoted in a number of viral posts and by many celebrities. It has led to a number of dangerous incidents, including the torching of phone masts and the harassment of network engineers. Many of those posts have been documented on YouTube, where videos have advanced the theory that the outbreak of Covid-19 is somehow linked to phone networks, despite all scientific evidence. The company says it considers such videos to be "borderline content", meaning that they will be pushed down in YouTube's rankings though not necessarily removed from the site entirely.