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Gaza's Hamas rulers thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his support in alleviating the strip's hardship, saying it "expresses its thanks and appreciation" to Erdogan. However, Hamas stopped short of endorsing the pact and insisted it was sticking to its policy of resisting Israel. Despite the relief, Israel and Egypt still maintain their blockade of the isolated territory.

Turkey's Erdogan Says U.S. Can No Longer Be a Mediator Between Israel and Palestinians

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"From now on, it is out of the question for a biased United States to be a mediator between Israel and Palestine, that period is over," Erdogan told a news conference after a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul.

Turkey Could Break off Ties With Israel Over Jerusalem: Erdogan

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ANKARA (Reuters) - President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday Turkey could go as far as breaking off diplomatic ties with Israel if the United States formally recognizes Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, a move he said would be a "red line" for Muslims.

Israel's Netanyahu Accuses Erdogan of 'Massacring Syrians and Kurds'

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Netanyahu replied: "Erdogan is massacring the Syrians and the Kurds and is jailing thousands of his own people. This great democrat's criticism of the Nation State Law is the greatest compliment it could be paid."

Turkey's Erdogan Says Israel Will Suffer Most From Aqsa Dispute

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Al-Aqsa, one of Islam's holiest sites and a nationalist symbol for Palestinians seeking their own state, is built on a compound revered by Jews as the vestige of their two ancient temples. The site lies in East Jerusalem, which was captured by Israel in a 1967 war and annexed to form part of its "eternal, indivisible" capital - a move not recognized internationally.