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UK government will finally settle the gig economy 'worker' debate


The UK government is making some changes to the rights and working conditions that "gig economy" workers are entitled to. Under its new'Good Work Plan', legislators will ensure "vulnerable workers" -- defined by low wages -- have access to basic holiday and sick pay. These will be included in "a list of day-one rights" that include the right to a payslip. These measures are designed for zero-hour and agency workers, but could impact Uber and Deliveroo's flexible workforce too. For instance, all workers will have the right to "request" more stable hours, "providing more financial security for [people] on flexible contracts," according to the government.

You may not fare as well, financially speaking, with basic economy

Los Angeles Times

Nice article on basic economy fares ["Is Basic Economy Worth It?" On the Spot, by Catharine Hamm, Nov. 5]. One surprising thing I've seen is that those fares are sometimes more expensive than regular economy fares. It makes no sense, but my frequent-flier friends and I have seen this fairly often on American and United. I wish the major airlines would make basic economy fares stand out in a different colored column on their websites or do something to flag the pitfalls over regular economy fares before a consumer attempts to book a ticket. As a user of one particular airline, I quickly learned what worked for me.

EU lawmakers reject market economy status for China

U.S. News

European Union lawmakers have voted against granting market economy status to China in a blow to Beijing's hopes to win the stamp of economic approval by December. The lawmakers said in a resolution on Thursday that China's excess production capacity and cut-price exports are having "strong social, economic and environmental consequences in the EU." They noted that 56 of the EU's current 73 anti-dumping measures apply to imports from China. The resolution was passed by 546 votes to 28, with 77 abstentions. China is the EU's second biggest trading partner, with daily trade flows worth more than 1 billion euros.


BBC News

The UK's economy grew more slowly than first estimated in the first three months of the year, according to official figures. It said the change was due to downward revisions for growth in the UK's dominant services sector. In the last quarter of 2016, the UK economy had expanded by 0.7%. The ONS now estimates that the services sector, which accounts for about 80% of the UK economy, grew by 0.2% in the first quarter of the year, down from its initial estimate of 0.3%.

United, American Begin Selling Cheaper Economy-class Fare

U.S. News

The savings over a regular economy ticket appear to range from about $24 to $40 for a round-trip ticket on American and United. For example, on two random early-March itineraries between Dallas and Baltimore, economy tickets were listed on American's website at $249 and $309. Those same trips were priced at $209 and $269 on basic economy.