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How to make Word custom bullet points to enhance your documents


Word's bullet point function is essential for breaking up vast piles of text, especially if you can't use graphics or photos in your documents. Word's standard list of bullets will cover many situations, but making custom bullet points can add polish or humor to your content. Create your document first and use placeholders for your bullets, such as asterisks or hyphens. Use numbers if the items in the list are prioritized.) Once the document is complete, experiment with different bullet designs.


U.S. News

Officers say they were called to the scene Monday night in Mansfield after the teenager's father found a bullet in his daughter's room. The bullet struck a dresser about two feet away from the teen's bed.

4-Year-Old Kansas City Child Injured by Stray Bullet

U.S. News

At about the same time, police received a call that someone was shot in a home several hundred yards away. Police say a stray bullet traveled from the shootout into the back of a nearby house, hitting the 4-year-old in the arm.

Condor Group Wants to Get More Hunters to Avoid Lead Bullets

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A group working to protect the endangered California condor is setting its sights on small-game and varmint hunters as lead continues to threaten the birds that feed on animal carcasses. The group has enlisted the help of a social scientist to target its messaging to a broader set of hunters that are not always after big game.

Apple AirPods Rival OnePlus Bullets Wireless Launching Alongside OnePlus 6?

International Business Times

An online listing for a new Bluetooth device could be hinting at a pair of OnePlus-branded wireless earbuds. The device could potentially be the Chinese company's response to Apple's AirPods. On Wednesday, Nashville Chatter spotted a Bluetooth Certification listing for an audio device with the name "OnePlus Bullets Wireless." The listing shows that the device has a model number of BT31B and it belongs to a category called Unique Products. The listing was made by OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. on the same day that it was found.