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"The future of work will be built on transformative digital workplaces that engage and empower employees by placing them at the center of an increasingly-cognitive enterprise," said Nayaki Nayyar, President, Digital Service Management at BMC. "Companies that fail to prepare for a business landscape where artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and automation redefine how we work will have difficulty attracting and retaining skilled workforces. Our BMC Digital Workplace solution increases the ability to deliver on those criteria by providing key digital workplace capabilities in the cloud or on-premise, all available via a single pane of glass that transforms the way we work."

Google Chrome now supports more password-free sign-ins


Google is acting on its promise to banish more passwords. It just released Chrome 67 for the desktop, bringing the Web Authentication standard to what's arguably the most popular browser. As with Firefox, the technology allows password-free sign-ins (such as USB keys) through virtually any website rather than having to access specific services. And don't worry if you're still comfortable typing things in -- there are a few other useful additions. This release supports the Generic Sensor API, a universal standard that lets web apps talk to sensors in devices like VR headsets and fitness trackers.

Microsoft Partner Network - Home


Learn how to navigate Microsoft Partner Network from inside experts that will guide you through program benefits and important resources. Explore various sessions designed to simplify the partner program for new and experienced partners through our MPN 101 Community Calls.

Built On Vision - Built On Vision


Perhaps one of the most critical tasks on a construction project is scheduling. Built On Vision's SaaS (software-as-a-service) product is a schedule quality control tool for the construction industry. The construction technology enables the owner and contractor to check schedules coming in from Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 against more than 200 metrics, such as out of sequence activities with a dangling start. Further, it allows the user to compare a series of construction schedules with each other to detect trends and irregularities among the schedules. In the past year, the technology company has also added a new feature that enables translation of schedules for any language to English.

Buy Old Gmail Accounts - 100% Real & Safe Gmail


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