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Most Americans Feel Unsafe Sharing The Road With Self-Driving Cars

Forbes - Tech

Approach-avoidance may be the best way to characterize Americans' attitudes towards a driverless future. Three-quarters (78%) of U.S. drivers reported feeling afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle, yet most of them --59% -- said they want autonomous vehicle technology in their next vehicle. So while American drivers seem ready embrace autonomous technology, they are not yet ready to give up full control. Those are the main findings a new survey released earlier this month by AAA. "A great race towards autonomy is underway and companies are vying to introduce the first driverless cars to our roadways," Greg Brannon, AAA's director of automotive engineering and industry relations, said in a statement.

Intel Testing Self-Driving Cars In Europe Later This Year As Part Of Big Project Ahead Of Mobileye Acquisition

International Business Times

Intel is slated to launch self-driving test vehicles in Europe later this year as part of its new venture after acquiring Israeli tech company Mobileye. The cars the chipmaker will use are from BMW, another partner in this big project. On Monday, Intel revealed that it has agreed to purchase Mobileye -- a company known for its autonomous driving, anti-collision and other driving solutions -- for $15.3 billion. The announcement is seen as a desperate move by the renowned chipmaker to venture into the autonomous-driving sector after missing its chance to enter the mobile phones industry, as per Reuters. The combination of Intel and Mobileye is deemed fitting for both companies have what it takes to create top-of-the-line technologies for driverless vehicles.

Senate Panel Approves Autonomous Car Legislation, But Americans Don't Trust The Technology

International Business Times

While the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that will quicken up the process of getting autonomous vehicles to the market, a recent study shows Americans aren't ready to ride self-driving cars yet. The bill, called the American Vision for Safer Transportation through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies (AV START) Act, still has to be approved by the Senate. The bill would disallow states from making their own laws that regulates autonomous cars. If passed, auto manufacturers will be allowed to sell 80,000 self-driving vehicles per year in the United States. "Self-driving vehicles will make transformative changes to improve mobility, reduce accidents and enhance safety for millions of travelers on our roads," Sen. Gary Peters, D-Fla., said in a statement.

Americans now more fearful of self-driving cars, AAA survey shows

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A Waymo self-driving van was involved in a car accident Friday afternoon in Chandler, Ariz. The self-driving van is not believed to be at fault, but this incident is still under investigation. U.S. drivers' fears of fully autonomous (self-driving) vehicles has risen in the past several months according to a new survey by AAA. Late last year a survey of American drivers revealed that 63% were wary of riding in a fully autonomous (self-driving) car. A new survey by AAA shows that nearly three-quarters (73%) now fear riding in a self-driving vehicle.

Apple's Self-Driving Vehicle Project: An Autonomous Campus Shuttle

International Business Times

Numerous rumors over the years suggested Apple was developing its own self-driving vehicle. However, the company ended up putting those ambitions aside and decided to focus on autonomous systems instead, with plans to test its campus shuttle, people familiar to the matter told the New York Times. Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear last month the company was not planning to build its own self-driving car when he told Bloomberg the company was focusing on an autonomous car system. However, it seems like Apple really did have plans to build its own car, but because of disagreements within leadership, the idea was disregarded. Apple's self-driving technology project, called Titan, will instead work on the system that will allow cars to drive on its own.