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Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs to Apply in February 2021


The ideal candidate will be responsible for using NLP and ML techniques to bring order to unstructured data. He/she should have experience in the latest techniques in AI, NLP, machine learning, including Deep Learning approaches. The aspirant will work within the engineering team to design, code, train, test, deploy and iterate on enterprise-scale machine learning systems.

Quick Apply: 7 Lucrative Data Science Internships in May 2021


Data science is one of the ground-breaking fields for students who have a knack and a keen eye for details in the world of science and technology. Companies are in dire need of aspiring data scientists for proper usage of the continuous flow of real-time data to enhance the business in the competitive world. The future of a company is dependent on data science due to the upsurge of raw data in the tech-savvy era. So, what is the best way to kick-start your career in data science? Analytics Insight has made you a list of seven reputed companies that have vacancies for data science internships.

Data Scientist - Machine Learning / Predictive Analytics job with Decooda 1442581


Job Description Job Description Decooda is seeking a marketing data scientist to join our entrepreneurial team. If you are a curious high-achiever that is interested in leveraging game-changing technologies to solve big challenges and turn the world on its head, then Decooda may be the place for you. We are seeking data science experts that are familiar with traditional analytics, statistics and machine learning. The marketing data scientist's responsibilities will involve creating tools and advancing the firm's analytics and insights capabilities. Example projects include creating systems and modules to access, manipulate, and produce outputs from social media, enterprise, third-party, IoT and machine data.

Grab the Opportunity: Top AI and Data Science Jobs to Apply Today


Artificial intelligence is a promising technology, that has made significant changes in the 21st century. Starting from self-driving cars and robotic assistants to automated disease diagnosis and drug discovery, the stronghold of artificial intelligence is no joke. Along with artificial intelligence, data science has also shifted the way we live and work. With the demand for data science and artificial intelligence spiralling, the job market is opening its door to AI and data science jobs. The tech sphere has ensured that artificial intelligence jobs and data science jobs provide limitless opportunities for professionals to explore cutting edge solutions.

Sr. Data Scientist/


DESCRIPTION is ranked as one of the most admired companies in the US, #1 most innovative, and # 1 in Customer Service. Amazons technology business has a history and tradition of leading the world in Web-related technologies and services. Now, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) you have the chance to help individuals and businesses take their computing infrastructures and applications into the Cloud. Amazon leaders have said publicly that AWS can become as big as our retail business and includes a fast paced release cycle that saw 400 features launched in 2014. The AWS Support team is both a self-standing P&L and a critical operational function with the ability to drive Free Cash Flow and a world-class customer experience.