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On August 31, a major outbreak of a fatal disease begins in the city. In the next week, even as reports of new cases are falling, 75 percent of residents flee the area.

NASA Shares Beautiful Images Of Life On Earth As Seen From Space

International Business Times

As NASA marks 20 years of observing not just the physical properties of Earth from space, but also life on the planet, it shared an animation Monday that "captures the entirety of this 20-year record." The visualization shows Earth as it moves through seasons and years, what the video's narration calls "the most complete view of global biology to date."

Air Force Seeks AI, Simulation to Improve Education And Training - Avionics


The Air Force is seeking emerging technologies and ways to apply artificial intelligence and cloud-based systems to "enhance the effectiveness" of air education and training, according to a request for information submitted Nov. 27. Air Education and Training Command (AETC) is seeking new methods and processes as well as new products that can "maximize and accelerate learning, both holistically for all Airmen and for individuals," according to service documents. The command is focused on four key investment areas as part of its 2018 strategic plan, including emerging technologies, games and simulation, experiential learning and big data analytics, the RFI said. The Air Force is looking for advanced technology that can contribute to "abundant computer devices, flexible classroom designs, innovative visual displays, games and simulations, collaborative tools, and mechanisms that both track and assess an Airmen's learning efforts," the document said. It is also interested in ways to exploit artificial intelligence, along with virtual and augmented reality systems for areas such as "intelligent tutors," which can help to gauge a student's strengths and weaknesses in areas of study and present materials accordingly.