The Latest: Thanksgiving Travel Going Smoother in Colorado

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Some people headed to Denver's airport by train had to take a bus for part of the trip because of an incident at one of the stations before full service was resumed. On top of that, the trains that carry passengers between concourses at the airport twice had some kind of technical problem that temporarily caused delays as operators drove them manually.

AP Source: Revised Travel Ban Targets Same Countries

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Trump's original executive order triggered chaos at airports around the world, as travelers were detained when the order rapidly went into effect, and U.S. permanent residents known as green-card holders were among them. Attorneys provided legal assistance to those held and protesters descended on the airports as news of the order's implementation spread. In its original form, the order temporarily suspended all travel to the U.S. for citizens of those seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days.

Airports Can Be Marvels


It remains relatively expensive and complicated to move things across the planet. When it comes to exactly which objects we find it worthwhile to transport over significant distances, we might think of seaports, which handle an enormous physical volume of trade, and of airports, of course, which handle plenty of high-value and perishable cargo. But what strikes me most about airports is the critical role they retain in the transmission of information. I know, there's this new thing called the internet. So why does air travel continue to increase?

LAX expected to be nation's second busiest airport over Thanksgiving week, report says

Los Angeles Times

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) will be the busiest airport in the nation during Thanksgiving week, followed by Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), according to a travel report released Wednesday.