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Queensland government appoints first chief entrepreneur


The Queensland government has appointed the state's first chief entrepreneur, tasked with overseeing the startup chapter of the Advance Queensland initiative. Mark Sowerby officially accepted the role on Wednesday, having previously focused on growing his investment firm, Blue Sky Investments. When announcing the appointment, the state government said Sowerby was well known in the investment community for identifying opportunities and seeing them commercialised, adding that the entrepreneur also knows how to harness venture capital investments to deliver real returns for clients. Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch believes the state's first chief entrepreneur will cement Queensland's reputation as a global innovation hotspot and encourage startup formation. "He will energise Queensland's startup sector, build collaboration to support business innovation, promote entrepreneurship, and advocate for Queensland both nationally and internationally," Enoch said.

How an unpredictable climate of change in Queensland could affect the election

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In Queensland, a big swing away from the Labor party in 2019 was a decisive factor in their defeat. However the political landscape in some seats has shifted, largely due to the rise of minor parties, a series of climate disasters, and an evolving view on the future of coal in key rural seats. Guardian Australia's Queensland correspondent Ben Smee talks to voters in metropolitan and regional areas about what will decide their vote, and speaks to Laura Murphy-Oates about how an unpredictable climate of change in the state could affect the election

Ex-Cyclone Debbie forces mass closure of Queensland schools

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All schools in south-east Queensland, Australia, have been closed due to flooding caused by ex-Cyclone Debbie. The storm hit the state's most populous region on Thursday after pummelling the north-east coast for two days. Although no longer a cyclone, the storm has lashed Queensland's capital Brisbane with 200mm of rain in two hours - more than its monthly average. No injuries have been reported, but authorities closed more than 1,000 schools and urged people to stay home. "We have not seen the worst of this weather system in the south-east," said Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.



You may call this little Australian female bilby Jane -- as in, after the legendary Dr. Jane Goodall. Little Jane joins the orchid Dendrobium goodallianum, and the Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy in honouring the famed conservationist. Jane Goodall is a living legend and one of the greatest conservationists of all time," Manthey said. The bilby, found in parts of the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland, has long found itself at risk of introduced predators.

Flooding returns to southern Queensland, Australia

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Nearly 300mm of rain fell on October 2 in Bundaberg on the Queensland coast of Australia.