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The Amazon Glow is on sale for the first time ever


SAVE $50: The Amazon Glow is on sale for $249.99 (normally $299.99) as of April 25. Amazon's hardware event livestream in September introduced us to the Amazon Glow, a peculiar little gadget for kids that's part video-conferencing device, part tabletop projector. Capable of creating a touch-sensitive play area on flat surfaces that remote adults can interact with from their own smartphone or tablet, its purpose is basically to Make Calls With Grandma Fun Again. That's probably because the Glow was part of a "Day 1 Editions" early access program for the first six months of its existence. If you wanted to buy it, you needed to request an invite. Bragging rights aside, the biggest reason to sign up for that program would've been to get the Glow at the discounted early-access price of $249.99;

The 5 best travel tech gadgets of 2022


You should always check the outlet requirements before you go to a different country, as the general answer to this question is no -- unless you have also brought global or country-specific adapters with you. For example, a device with a US plug will not work in Europe, and a UK resident traveling to India or Japan would need adapters, too. You should also have a backup adapter in case your main one fails. Rather than messing about, I just take two universal adapters with me on my trips -- they may be more expensive to buy, but they can last for years and save you the hassle. You can find a useful guide on what prongs, slots, and patterns are used in different countries here.

Gadget review: Ricoh Theta SC is almost picture-perfect

Boston Herald

Virtual imaging is all the rage, but few cameras actually take 360-degree photos and videos. The newest Ricoh Theta, the SC, is among the least expensive of its kind, comes in four colors and is compatible with an iOS and Android app. The good: Easy to use and lightweight, this ultra-portable, dual-lens gadget takes 14 mp stills and high-res videos without hassle. It easily slips into a pocket, and can store up to 1,600 photos or 65 minutes of video. The battery will let you take about 250 spherical photos per charge.

Anki Vector robot review - Chosen Gadget redesigns your life by assisting you with choosing what items to purchase


In case you're searching for something more fit, Anki says Vector will advance over the long haul, particularly when engineers begin making abilities for it. Envision a robot that turns off your lights when you leave the home, utilizing an IFTTT coordination or custom ability that works with your shrewd lights. Yet, that is months away, at any rate, and the robot may never develop a vigorous enough local area of application creators or genuine roboticists anxious to make what will eventually add up to straightforward programming switches. Understanding that Vector will consistently be all the more a toy, and something that you can dish limited quantities of regard for when you're feeling exhausted or need an interruption, is more sensible than any other time expecting it will transform into a genuine WALL-E.

Tech Life Review: First artificial intelligence gadgets for the home


Tech expert Kris Abel rounds up the latest artificial intelligence products for your home that aim to help your at-home life more convenient. This artificially intelligent toothbrush senses the way it's stuck in your mouth, using vibrating bristles to "feel" the surface of your teeth and create a map sent to your phone displaying each dirty tooth (dark blue) as it needs more brushing (light blue) and finally becomes clean (white). Red means you've brushed too hard, warning you to check for bleeding gums. An emoji clock happily encourages you to brush for two minutes, which is worthwhile as the vibrations effectively remove plaque for a "from-the-dentist" feel sure to save you dental fees over time. These wireless earbuds listen to the world around you so you can just focus on the music.