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Progress of Technology Only Makes Computer Science Education More Valuable

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Notably, as with many courses taken during one's educational career, computer science also teaches many generalizable skills. Computer science is much more than learning to code, and its benefits go beyond knowing a particular programming language. Computer science teaches students about logic, understanding systems and engineering and design basics, all of which are applicable to other academic and career fields. Perhaps this is why correlational data show that learning computer science is associated with higher math achievement. Computer science coursework also naturally lends itself to 21st century skills like collaboration, problem-solving and creativity, which are valuable and highly sought-after skills in the modern workplace.

A massive optical computer being built could outpace quantum computers

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The device, which is being built by Hiroyuki Tamura and colleagues at Japanese tech firm NTT, is specially designed to solve optimisation problems.

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Learning how to build these practical tools will give you an excellent window into the mechanisms that drive machine learning. Read More ... Tags: Computer systems Getting things done Best Deals Artificial intelligence Machine intelligence Machine learning

Newly discovered magnetism is a big boost for quantum computers


Until now, humanity has only known two forms of magnetism: ferromagnetism (the kind you see on your fridge) and antiferromagnetism (a sort of negative magnetism found in hard drives). However, MIT researchers just confirmed the existence of a third kind... and it could be the key to making quantum computing a practical reality. The team made and supercooled a crystal that exhibits a quantum spin liquid state, where the magnetic directions of each particle never line up. That odd behavior, in turn, leads to quantum entanglement (in which distant particles affect each other's magnetism) that would be ideal for computers.

Mini computers that fit in the palm of your hand


Want a computer that doesn't take up a good sized chunk of your desk? Here are a selection of PCs running a variety of operating systems -- Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac -- with price tags and system specifications to suit all needs. All the above computers are small enough that you can hold them in your hand, and many offer features such as fanless cooling and the ability to be used for embedded projects.