Apple TV Was the Best Way to Watch the Olympics This Year


Growing up, watching the Olympics was a simple affair. I'd switch on the TV and watch whatever sport was being broadcast. It wasn't necessarily live--in fact, it almost never was--and it may not have been a sport I cared about. But we all went through it together.

How to follow the Olympics on Twitter


A strong need to keep up with multiple concurrent events, despite the disheartening truth that it's impossible to see every event in real time We're Olympics obsessives, but we're also normal non-athletes who have to eat, sleep, and (occasionally) get some work done. Gluing ourselves to a live feed from Pyeongchang just won't do. Instead, we're keeping up with the Winter Games the way we do everything else: through Twitter. "I would like to send a message to my parents that I really love them and thank you for all the support and belief," - LIM Hyojun #KOR after winning #Gold in the men's 1500m short track. Follow for a regular stream of medal standings updates, plus information on how to watch events live.

Xfinity customers will get a ton of Winter Olympics content next month


For starters, it's worth noting that the Winter Olympics take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea; thanks to the time difference, many events will take place in prime time here in the US. NBC will broadcast its nightly Olympics prime-time coverage live, with no tape delay, so it should be a lot easier than in years past to see your favorite sports live. Xfinity's Olympics Home will show viewers everything that's airing live across various networks (including NBC proper, NBC Sports, USA and several others). From there, you'll also be able to quickly browse highlights, check out a daily summary, the current medal count and the day's schedule and jump into whatever particular video you want to view.

Winter Olympics ceremony sees landmark handshake

Al Jazeera

The 23rd Winter Olympic Games are set to officially kick off with the opening ceremony at the South Korean city of Pyeongchang.