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AI & Healthcare: The Prescription Algorithm – Craig Ryder – Medium


Unless you believe the click-bait --i.e. "Google is using Machine Learning to predict a patient's death with 95% accuracy!" In the next five years, however, AI's assimilation into the health system is set to advance. An expert panel at London's recent Connected World Summit discussed the inherent pitfalls and rampant potential of this impending clash of tech and ethics. Despite the ubiquitous digitisation of data (notably our friendships and finances), the most important information out there -- our health -- hasn't made the leap to digitisation.

Want to Know How Automation Is Revolutionizing Healthcare Sector?


In the past few years, the healthcare industry has undergone an ample amount of changes. These changes are more in the ways how the healthcare industry stores data. Moving backward in our distant past, remind us of the old paper-based method to keep health records. It doesn't exist anymore in our present. Instead, we have new data-keeping methods, i.e., online digital records where storing & sharing information is easy.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - The Medical Futurist


Artificial intelligence algorithms are not only making our cars safer and shopping easier, but increasingly diagnose patients and help make the best decisions when caring for them. Will artificial intelligence solve doctor shortages? Will it be able to replace the art of making a correct diagnosis? The digital stethoscope lets patients and doctors record cardiac and lung sounds, then stream them to a clinician remotely, storing them for comparisons later. Google's AlphaGo program beat 18 time World Champion Lee Sedol in the complicated game of Go.

Hartford HealthCare Acquiring St. Vincent's Medical Center

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The "definitive agreement" announced Monday marks the latest acquisition by Hartford HealthCare, a 19,000-employee system that currently includes six acute-care hospitals, a behavioral health network, a regional home care system, senior care services, a multispecialty physician group and other services.