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Google Wallet review: Easy money sending and bill splitting, if you're on iOS


Google Wallet is the mobile payment app that's so close and yet so far. Were it not for its limitations on the Android side, it would be a strong contender for "Best App that Isn't Venmo." Boasting a simple interface, robust bill splitting abilities--well, for iOS users, anyway--and ability to send or receive cash from virtually anyone, Google Wallet checks most of the boxes when it comes to peer-to-peer payments, although we wish it would let you use a credit card rather than just debit cards. Google may be a hot company, but its Wallet app faces stiff competition. Check out the other mobile payment apps we reviewed.

Google Wallet will now automatically send money transfers straight to your bank account


Google Wallet is getting a pretty nifty update that makes it a more appealing option for money transfers. The latest version of the Android app will send money straight to your bank account, whereas previously you'd have to go in and manually move it over. This makes Google Wallet attractive for those times when you need to split the bill with a group of friends, as they can just text you money. According to the changelog, the update also includes the typical round of bug fixes and performance improvements. The story behind the story: Before there was Android Pay, Google's payment service was Google Wallet.

You can now send and receive money right in the Android Gmail app


If you've ever been writing an email on your Android phone and wished there was a way to send or request money without switching to the Venmo, Square, or Google Wallet apps, your prayers have been answered. Rolling out today via a Play Store update, Google will now allow you to easily attach payments to Gmail messages. While the feature has been available in the Gmail web client for several years, it's new to the Android app. And it's not limited to your contacts that have a Gmail address, nor do they need to the Google Wallet app. As Google explains, "Recipients are able to receive or request money right from the email itself--without having to install another payment app.

Google is combining Android Pay and Google Wallet under one brand: Google Pay


Paying with our phones may be easier than ever, but understanding which service to use, and when, isn't. Now, Google is streamlining all of its payment methods and apps into a single service called, you guessed it, Google Pay.