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The Little Guide To Ethics In Digital Marketing Part 1 - IntelligentHQ


As realisation of the importance of doing business ethically is growing, this too is spreading to the marketing domain, and to digital marketers. Digital marketing has brought many new and innovative ways to market to potential and existing customers. Evidencing this, almost 4,000 (3,800) marketing technology tools are now available to marketers. These are increasingly capable and can gather a good deal of information from customers. This, among other drivers has led to a growing need for ethics in digital marketing.

How Many Hours Do Digital Marketers Work Per Day? [POLL]


The nature of work today is different from what it was decades ago. With rapid advancements in communication and technology in recent years, most people now have the ability to work anywhere. The statement "Work is a thing you do, not a place you go," is truer now more than ever. Everybody wants to achieve a great work-life balance but it's not always easy to attain in this era of remote work. Whereas before, work stops when you leave the office – nowadays, it can be difficult to separate life and work.

What in the world is growth hacking, and why you should learn how to do it


Digital marketers have their work cut out for them these days. With the onslaught of content flowing in and out of everyone's news feeds, it has become increasingly hard to capture the attention of users. Marketers need to find a way to make their content stand out amongst earth-shattering TV cancellation (and resurrection) news, royal wedding updates, and adorable puppy videos. And they need to do it fast. They're expected to explore non-traditional marketing methods and pin down surefire tactics to grow their user base at exponential rates.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Supporting Digital Marketing?


AI today is a buzzword in technology that has everyone sitting up to pay attention. With every other billboard in the Bay area talking about AI and machine learning, it appears like the time of Jarvis from Iron Man, Samantha from'Her' and even the creepy'HAL' from 2001 – a space odyssey is fast approaching. This idea always presents itself with a bit of fear. Are machines going to take over? Are we going to lose our jobs?

AI in Digital MArketing will improve it for better


AI is the buzzword in current times; it just knows how to be in the news and to be fair I would be disappointed if a thing that has intelligence in its name hasn't figured out a way to do so, or maybe it will be able to do it in the near future. AI is something that has been able to attract almost all the industries one company tried maintaining its gap. Digital marketing companies were somewhat shy of incorporating AI in their work, an industry that had so much to gain from the use of AI in its work. Now we can say it, luxuries of being in the present and having knowledge about the things in the past lets criticise them. It's all in the past, digital marketers has since used AI in the industries in quite a few ways and it has helped make it better in certain aspects.