Hello, Robot exhibition explores our mixed feelings for intelligent machines


"Could a robot do your job?" and "Do you believe in the death and rebirth of things?" are among the deep questions being posed to visitors at the Vitra Design Museum's latest exhibition. The Hello, Robot exhibition – the first at the German design museum to focus on robotics – explores the relationship between humans and the intelligent machines that increasingly feature in our lives. Its 200-plus exhibits include Star Wars' R2D2, an automatic manifesto generator, a smart sofa and a robot-made pavilion. The exhibits are framed by 14 questions that aim to make visitors think beyond the current conversation around robots, which exhibition curator Amelie Klein describes as "ambivalent". "The exhibition looks at how we interact and relate to this new species, the robot," Klein told Dezeen at the opening of the show.

The AAAI-2001 Mobile Robot Exhibition

AI Magazine

The 2001 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Mobile Robot Exhibition provided an opportunity for AI researchers to interact and share ideas. Despite some difficulties with environment and timing, the primary objective of disseminating information was achieved. A short summary of each robot demonstrates the variety in form and function among the exhibitions.

Robot Exhibition

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This event is cast as a competition to motivate participation in the spirit of trying to develop as animate, responsive, and intelligent robot behavior as possible The comoetition involves "housebreaking" followed by two stages involving spatial search and object detection/classification Object classification is possible using three kinds of sensors Parts of the scoring use an olympic-style judging The over-arching guidelines are a variant of Asiniov's laws of:obotics Humans are allowed to meander among the robots in the first stage, but the -obots will be competing individually, not simultaneously, with other robots In order:o reduce the possibility of radio or sensor nterference, the competition will be conducted in three partitioned activity areas In general, there will be three stages of:he competition: 1) a qualifying stage where the robots are expected to "roam" or wander around an area while not damaging people or stationary objects or themselves; 2) a stage where the robots ...

The 1997 AAAI Mobile Robot Exhibition

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A wide variety of robotics research was demonstrated at the 1997 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Mobile Robot Exhibition. Twenty-one robotic teams participated, making it the largest exhibition ever. This article describes the robotics research presented by the participating teams.

The AAAI 2011 Robot Exhibition

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In this article we report on the exhibits and challenges shown at the AAAI 2011 Robotics Program in San Francisco. The event included a broad demonstration of innovative research at the intersection of robotics and artificial intelligence. Through these multi-year challenge events, our goal has been to focus the research community's energy toward common platforms and common problems to work toward the greater goal of embodied AI.