Banks are ready to take the next, customer-centric step in AI


Data has become the fundamental building blocks on which we will build the future of the digital age. But data by itself doesn't really do anything. Emerging data tools like AI enable companies to treat each person as a unique individual rather than part of a customer segment. At the end of the day, it's all about how each customer receives value. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) services have become one of the primary tools in making common sense of the vast reams of data being created every day.

5 Realistic Strategies in Omni Channel Banking Centric Digital


Over the past century, iconic neoclassical buildings have been the symbol of stability and grandeur that banking can lay claim to.

Nokia launches new customer experience-centric AI analytics software


Leading Finnish telecommunications company Nokia has announced that it has bolstered its Customer Experience Index (CEI) with the unveiling of its latest Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight software. Using machine learning and intelligent automation, the software will be able to provide transformational real time and personalized consumer experiences to business, IT and engineering companies. "Nokia CEI now taps advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms co-developed with Nokia Bell Labs to provide new levels of prediction and automation capabilities to improve the subscriber experience," Nokia explains. "The algorithms optimize themselves over time, decreasing the time required for the initial tuning of the index from months to days, and delivering a far more accurate view of subscriber satisfaction." This will allow service providers to quickly identify issues, up to six times faster, and in turn prioritize improvements based on their unique circumstances, better delivering revenue-generating services.

Banking Needs a Customer Experience Wake-Up Call


The "Improving Customer Experience in Banking" report shares the results of a global survey done to determine the CX maturity of banks and credit unions. The findings show that most organizations are not prepared for the future of increased consumer expectations.

Three Tips To Help Engineers Be More Customer-Centric

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In the past, members of the product department would do the work of understanding customers. They'd write specs and hand them off to the engineering department for implementation. Department boundaries are starting to break down. Small product teams are being assembled and responsible for the end-to-end delivery of a feature or app.