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New integration lets you query Tableau data in Slack by typing a question – TechCrunch


As Tableau looks for ways to make data more accessible to a greater number of people across an organization, it will be announcing later today at the #Data21 customer conference the ability to query your data inside Slack by asking questions using natural language. The announcement builds on previous integrations with Slack. Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer, speaking at a press event on Monday ahead of the conference, said that the new integration is about bringing the full power of Tableau data into Slack where people can collaborate on it in various ways. That means you can get an alert when data you care about changes, but you can also interact with it right in Slack without having to switch applications. "Slack also becomes the place to be able to ask questions of data so users can find all of their content right here in one interface. They [don't] have to leave Slack. They can search the entire Tableau repository -- all the dashboards, all the data sources are available right there," he said.

Tableau integrates Einstein Analytics, becomes the analytics bridge in Salesforce ecosystem


Tableau is stepping up its efforts to integrate with parent Salesforce as its analytics software will build in Einstein Analytics, which will be renamed Tableau CRM. Under the plan, Tableau CRM will provide an integrated analytics and artificial intelligence experience within Salesforce's CRM workflow and be a key part of Salesforce Customer 360. The argument is that digital transformation is also a data transformation. Tableau CRM will be the analytics brand of Salesforce. Einstein will represent the AI capabilities across Salesforce.

HPE and Salesforce unveil AI and automation tools for developers


HPE has announced its next move in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, launching HPE Swarm Learning and the new Machine Learning (ML) Development System. The new tools have been rolled out with the focus of improving accuracy in models, addressing AI infrastructure burdens and improving data privacy standards. HPE claims the Swarm Learning tool is a "breakthrough AI solution" that aims to fast-track insights at the edge, with uses ranging from detecting credit card fraud to diagnosing diseases. HPE claims that the system achieves this by unifying various AI model learnings whilst also protecting data privacy. Executive vice president and general manager Justin Hotard said the new technology has already made progress in addressing challenges in these areas.

Tableau unveils high-scale Hyper engine, previews self-service data-prep and 'smart' capabilities


Tableau Software is the Apple of the analytics market, with a huge fan base and enthusiastic customers who are willing to stand in long lines for a glimpse at what's next. Last week's Tableau Conference in Las Vegas proved that once again with record attendance of more than 14,000. The Tableau fan boys and fan girls were not disappointed, as the company detailed plenty of new capabilities. The highly anticipated Hyper engine, for example, is now in beta release 10.5 and is sure to be generally available by early next year. Hyper solves Tableau performance problems when dealing with high-scale data extracts.

Spotfire vs. Tableau: 2022 Software Comparison


Tableau and Spotfire are both leading data analytics and business intelligence platforms. Both were scored well by Gartner in its latest "Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms." BI and analytics applications are a hot item as organizations seek to mine data from massive data sources like relational databases, enterprise applications, unstructured data, and social media. Instead of a small team of data scientists slicing and dicing data, now marketing, line of business heads, sales, and IT are all utilizing data analytics in their day-to-day activities. As two popular data analytics platforms, users often are forced to choose between Spotfire and Tableau.