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Tableau's latest update aims for AI enhanced augmented analytics, broader access to data


In this special feature, ZDNet examines how advances in AI, visualization and cloud technology are shaping modern data analytics, and how businesses are addressing data governance and a potential data science skills gap. Tableau is integrating more artificial intelligence into its platform to broaden the base of people, roles and skill levels able to access analytics. The augmented analytics functions in Tableau 2021.2 cover improvements to the Ask Data feature with personalized experiences, Explain Data with a new user interface and natural language search tools and reporting integrations with Salesforce. Salesforce has said it is increasingly selling Tableau along with its core clouds. Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer at Tableau, said the new tools are aimed at democratizing data and creating an analytics-driven culture.

How Tableau uses Tableau for SOC Analytics


Organizations that use data to make informed decisions and proactively alert key stakeholders during planned and unplanned outages help ensure timely resolution, escalation, and communication processes are optimal. Join us to see how Tableau's SOC (Service Operations Center) is using data visualization to monitor our services using internal and external data, report on service metrics, reduce alerting white noise, and more. Check out the rest of our Tableau on Tableau webinar series.

How Tableau uses Tableau for Marketing Analytics


Marketers deal with data every day in every channel. Need to segment leads by job title for an email campaign? We've got data for that. Curious about how much revenue was attributed to your paid search investments last quarter? Want to prove which programs generate higher quality leads than others?

Master Tableau, the platform that takes boring raw data and turns it into stunning visuals


TL;DR: The informative Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle is on sale for $25, down from $770. Forget about deep dives and synergy, data is the buzzword of 2019. While data informs most, if not all, major company decisions these days, raw data isn't exactly what "moves the needle." These days, it's all about using data to tell a story, one that provides actionable, digestible insights. No one wants to go into a boardroom presentation looking at Excel spreadsheets, after all.

How Tableau uses Tableau for Dev Analytics


It's no small feat to keep up with what is happening across a full line of products on a daily basis. Attend this live webinar to learn how the Tableau Development team uses the product they're actively building to do just that. During this session you will see how Tableau Dev uses Tableau to analyze, communicate, assess risk, make decisions, and drive action. You will also see specific examples and be able to get your questions answered live. Check out the rest of our Tableau on Tableau webinar series.