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Biodiesel faces a mixed forecast as the industry gathers in San Diego

Los Angeles Times

The biodiesel industry is looking at a somewhat bifurcated future. Ambiguity reigns as a new presidential administration comes into power but at the same time, the California market for the fuel derived from a diversity of products including soybeans, canola oil and animal fats appears to be in a solid growth mode. "We have learned to thrive on uncertainty," said Jennifer Case, president of New Leaf Biofuel, based in Barrio Logan. "We are a scrappy industry." Case is one of about 800 attendees at the industry's biggest annual get-together, the National Biodeisel Conference and Expo, running through Thursday at the San Diego Convention Center.

Biodiesel Executive Linked to Polygamous Group Kept in Jail

U.S. News

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that U.S. District Judge Brooke Wells said Friday Isaiah Kingston's role in transferring $52 million to Turkey shows he's no pawn in the scheme. Prosecutors say the men are members of the polygamous Kingston group and could flee to Turkey where they have business ties.

Refiner Ergon to Close Mississippi Ethanol Plant in December

U.S. News

Ergon was originally a partner in the plant, which opened in May 2008. Production, with yearly capacity of 57 million gallons, was suspended in December 2012. Ergon bought out its partner in 2013 and restarted output in 2015, hiring about 30 people. Ergon says it will try to find new jobs for employees at its Vicksburg oil refinery and towboat company or at its Jackson-area businesses.

Don't Let Big Oil Throw Stones at the Ethanol Mandate

U.S. News

Indeed, it's fairly obvious that Perry's yarn is simply intended to shift attention away from the real culprit behind destruction of prairie in the Great Plains – oil and natural gas. A 2015 study by researchers from the University of Montana, Oklahoma State University and other universities found that the land area occupied by oil and gas activities in the Great Plains expanded from less than 1 million acres in 2000 to 7.5 million acres by 2012. The study found that pristine rangeland, forest and wetlands were cleared to make room for oil and gas drilling pads, roads, rail lines and storage facilities. The researchers concluded that "oil and gas may further expand into native rangelands" and that "hydraulic fracturing technology … [also] has profound implications for hydrological, water-quality, and water-use regimes."

U.S. Sentences N.J. Man to Five Years Prison on Biodiesel Fraud

U.S. News

The department sentenced Malek Jalal, owner of Unity Fuels, to 60 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay more than $1 million in restitution for the scheme that involved more than $7 million fraudulent tax credits and renewable fuel credits known as RINs, the DOJ said.