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50 Frequently Asked Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers


At present, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science are the most booming factor to bring the next revolution in this industrial and technology-driven world. Therefore, there are a significant number of opportunities that are waiting for fresh graduate data scientists and machine learning developers to apply their specific knowledge in a particular domain. However, it's not that easy as you are thinking. The interview procedure that you will have to go through will definitely be very challenging, and you will have hard competitors. Moreover, your skill will be tested in different ways, i.e., technical and programming skills, problem-solving skills, and your ability to apply machine learning techniques efficiently and effectively, and your overall knowledge about machine learning. To help you with your upcoming interview, in this post, we have listed frequently asked machine learning interview questions. Traditionally, to recruit a machine learning developer, several types of machine learning interview questions are asked. Firstly, some basic machine learning questions are asked. Then, machine learning algorithms, their comparisons, benefits, and drawbacks are asked. Finally, the problem-solving skill using these algorithms and techniques are examined.

40 Interview Questions asked at Startups in Machine Learning / Data Science


These questions can make you think THRICE! Machine learning and data science are being looked as the drivers of the next industrial revolution happening in the world today. This also means that there are numerous exciting startups looking for data scientists. What could be a better start for your aspiring career! However, still, getting into these roles is not easy. You obviously need to get excited about the idea, team and the vision of the company. You might also find some real difficult techincal questions on your way. The set of questions asked depend on what does the startup do. Do they build ML products? You should always find this out prior to beginning your interview preparation. To help you prepare for your next interview, I've prepared a list of 40 plausible & tricky questions which are likely to come across your way in interviews. If you can answer and understand these question, rest assured, you will give a tough fight in your job interview. Note: A key to answer these questions is to have concrete practical understanding on ML and related statistical concepts. You can get that know-how in our course'Introduction to Data Science'!

Data Science & ML : A Complete Interview Guide Dimensionless


The constant evolution of technology has meant data and information is being generated at a rate unlike ever before, and it's only on the rise. Furthermore, the demand for people skilled in analyzing, interpreting and using this data is already high and is set to grow exponentially over the coming years. These new roles cover all aspect from strategy, operations to governance. Hence, the current and future demand will require more data scientists, data engineers, data strategists, and Chief Data Officers. In this blog, we will be looking at different set of interview questions that can certainly help if you are planning to give a shift to your career towards data science.

200+ Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answer for 2021


A Machine Learning interview calls for a rigorous interview process where the candidates are judged on various aspects such as technical and programming skills, knowledge of methods and clarity of basic concepts. If you aspire to apply for machine learning jobs, it is crucial to know what kind of interview questions generally recruiters and hiring managers may ask. This is an attempt to help you crack the machine learning interviews at major product based companies and start-ups. Usually, machine learning interviews at major companies require a thorough knowledge of data structures and algorithms. In the upcoming series of articles, we shall start from the basics of concepts and build upon these concepts to solve major interview questions. Machine learning interviews comprise of many rounds, which begin with a screening test. This comprises solving questions either on the white-board, or solving it on online platforms like HackerRank, LeetCode etc. Here, we have compiled a list of ...