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However, if you got a hot idea for a new self-driving vehicle service? Instead of needing to invest millions of dollars to get it off the ground, you could use Open Motors's "EDIT" platform, which was released last year. EDIT is a ready-to-customize, white-label "vehicle as a service" modular platform. As the name suggests, Open Motors provides an open and downloadable platform that jumpstarts the creation of a new vehicle from scratch. Its hardware is licensed via Creative Commons.

GM will make Cadillac its 'lead' electric vehicle brand


While Chevrolet launched the Volt plug-in hybrid and pure-electric Bolt, Cadillac has taken a backseat in GM's electric vehicle push. Now as it attempts to find profits in that segment, the company's electrification plans will put luxury first. Cadillac will be GM's lead electric vehicle brand and will introduce the first model from the company's all-new battery electric vehicle architecture, GM's foundation for an advanced family of profitable EVs. The flexible platform will provide a broad array of body styles and will be offered in front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel configurations. Its most critical components -- including the battery cells -- are being designed for maximum usability across all programs.

A Closer Look At General Motors' Cognitive Mobility Platform

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According to a study conducted by IBM, the automotive industry will offer a greater personalized driving experience by 2025. Of the executives surveyed by IBM, 80% felt that in-vehicle cognitive technologies will be a key component of how vehicles learn to provide a better experience for the occupants and optimize their own performance. On an average, people in the U.S spend 46 minutes in their car per day and GM is looking at ways to optimize this time spent through OnStar Go. The platform can also learn driver's preferences, apply machine learning and sift through data to recognize patterns in their decisions and habits. This information can create several marketing opportunities for GM's brand partners in this platform.

Baidu, Ford to kickstart autonomous vehicle trials


Ford Motor Company and Baidu will soon kickstart trials to test autonomous vehicles in Beijing, China, following efforts by Ford engineers to equip the vehicles with Baidu's Apollo Virtual Driver System. The two-year initiative was expected to commence by year-end and would involve autonomous vehicles designed to meet Level 4 driving automation standards established by SAE International. Level 4 vehicles in most instances should be able to intervene on their own, without human intervention, when there is a system failure or when things go wrong. Asian country has began investing in quantum technology and is at a similar starting point with other economic powers in this field, says Shanghai-born Turing Award winner Andrew Yao. According to Baidu, the vehicles involved in the trials should be capable of operating autonomously within a specific geographic area and under certain weather conditions.