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Infiniti's Electric Vehicles Will Have A Range Of At Least 311 Miles


Infiniti recently announced plans to create a new platform for electrified vehicles and now the automaker has revealed additional information about it. Automotive News reports the platform will eventually underpin all future Infiniti models except the QX80 . The platform will also be unique to Infiniti and only "select components" will be shared with Nissan. As previously announced, the platform has been designed to accommodate electric powertrains as well as e-POWER systems. Vehicles with the latter powertrain will have an electric motor, a battery and a range-extending petrol engine.

Subaru teases its first EV


Subaru has revealed that its first all-electric vehicle will called Solterra and has given us an idea of what it would look like in a photo wherein it's partially hidden in the shadows. Solterra comes from the Latin words for "sun" and "earth" and was chosen to "represent Subaru's commitment to deliver traditional SUV capabilities in an environmentally responsible package." The automaker designed the vehicle in partnership with Toyota based on the e-SUBARU all-electric platform they developed together. While Toyota lent its electrification expertise to the joint project, Subaru contributed its knowledge on all-wheel-drive technology. Toyota is also releasing its own vehicle based on the modular platform called the bZ4X, and as Autoblog notes, the two already show a family resemblance.

Kia teases several of its upcoming electric vehicles


Kia has offered a sneak peek at its upcoming electric vehicles. It teased nine EVs, including cars and commercial vehicles, but they were all shrouded in shadow. The automaker plans to ship seven EVs by 2027 and it will provide a proper look at the first of them within the next few months. That EV will have a "crossover-inspired design," according to Kia. The automaker claims the car will have a range of over 500 kilometers and offer a sub-20-minute charging time.

Harman's Ignite platform helps your car talk to your house


Whether you want it or not, your car is getting smarter. Between GPS, satellite infotainment systems and cloud-based services like OnStar, automobiles are becoming increasingly connected to the world around them. Here at CES, Harman unveiled a cloud-controlled development platform that aims to be a one-stop shop for controlling all of the devices and features in and outside the vehicle. The Ignite platform, as Harman calls it, is "an end-to-end platform that enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities." With this platform, manufacturers will be able to add a slew of smart features to vehicles like allowing them to interact with each other, as well as your smart home and city infrastructures as well.

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However, if you got a hot idea for a new self-driving vehicle service? Instead of needing to invest millions of dollars to get it off the ground, you could use Open Motors's "EDIT" platform, which was released last year. EDIT is a ready-to-customize, white-label "vehicle as a service" modular platform. As the name suggests, Open Motors provides an open and downloadable platform that jumpstarts the creation of a new vehicle from scratch. Its hardware is licensed via Creative Commons.