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A Cybersecurity Drought Is Coming United States Cybersecurity Magazine


Yes, there is a cybersecurity drought looming over the horizon. The data coming in is alarming; They are announcing that by 2020 there could be a shortage of cybersecurity experts by up to 1.5 million, worse yet, the shortage could reach 3.5 million by 2021. How is a global economy about to connect from 20 to 50 Billion IOT devices in 2020 alone can allow this to happen? The jobs are there, the colleges are ready, but the numbers are not growing fast enough. Some people think that maybe the lack of professionals is due to the fact that as an industry, cybersecurity has done a poor job of communicating job opportunities to seasoned IT Professionals.

LinkedIn ranks the 20 highest paying jobs


LinkedIn on Tuesday released its list of the 20 highest paying jobs in the United States, as measured by salary data collected on the jobs network. They all fell under medicine and healthcare. "These jobs point to growing industries in the broader U.S. economy, meaning you don't necessarily have to be a doctor or engineer to get paid well. While the healthcare industry is growing faster than nearly every other industry, technology skills are the most in-demand among employers, and legal occupations are needed across every industry," LinkedIn senior product manager Ryan Sandler wrote in a blog post. With its rankings, LinkedIn provided the median base salary for these positions.

The best-paid jobs for women


If you're looking for jobs that are trending for women right now, then careers with a technical focus are where it's at. But if you want the highest paying jobs, then health still has it. According to the latest data from the Australian Tax Office for 2017–18, seven of the top 10 highest paid occupations for women went to highly skilled careers in the medical profession. Among these the average female anaesthetist earned $314,306 a year, while the average female neurosurgeon took home $308,329. Female plastic and reconstructive surgeons earned $302,329, female gynaecologists $301,431 and female cardiologists $290,932. More from Financy: 'Demoralised': Women hit back over emergency super guilt By contrast, the average annual salary for women working across the healthcare sector stood at just $78,000 as of May, which is about the same amount as the average clinical female nurse earns a year.

Occupation Matchmaker


People typically gravitate towards others who can relate or live a similar lifestyle, which is often reflected in choice of occupation. If you're into mathematics or science, you might have more to talk about with someone in a similar field. It's why doctors often marry other doctors. How people with different occupations match up can say something about how personalities are compatible. In the chart below, select an occupation to see who those with that occupation are more likely to match up with.

Taliban Say No Peace With 'Occupation,' Want US Talks

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The leader of the Taliban says there will be no peace in Afghanistan as long as the foreign "occupation" continues, reiterating the group's position that the 17-year war can only be brought to an end through direct talks with the United States.