North Korea's Kim expected to land at Singapore's Changi Airport on Sunday: source

The Japan Times

SINGAPORE – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expected to fly into Singapore's Changi Airport on Sunday ahead of a high-stakes summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, a source involved in the planning of the trip said Friday. Pictures of U.S. military aircraft at nearby Paya Lebar air base, including a white-topped helicopter commonly used for transporting high-ranking U.S. officials, were published in a newspaper Friday. Talks between the leaders on June 12 are expected to center on ending the North's nuclear weapons and missiles programs in return for diplomatic and economic incentives. Changi Airport directed a query to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. The Aviation Authority did not immediately have comment.

Singapore's Changi airport may use facial recognition systems to find late passengers


Ever been delayed on a flight because of straggling fellow passengers? That might be an annoyance of the past at Singapore's Changi airport which is testing facial recognition systems that could, in future, help locate lost travellers or those spending a little too much time in the duty-free shops. Changi Airport, ranked the world's best for six years straight in a survey by air travel consultancy Skytrax, is looking at how it can use the latest technologies to solve many problems - from cutting taxiing times on the runway to quicker predictions of flight arrivals. It comes as the island state embarks on a'smart nation' initiative to utilize technology to improve lives, create economic opportunity and build community ties. However the proposed use of cameras mounted on lampposts that are linked to facial recognition software has raised privacy concerns.

We got a peek at the world's best airport's newest terminal


You don't get to be the world's best airport for five years running by resting on your laurels. Singapore's Changi airport just upped its game with its newest terminal, and we got a peek inside ahead of the opening later this year. Terminal 4's 225,000 square metre space is decked with high ceilings, allowing natural light to spill in. Named Petalclouds, they span some 33 metres each, and there are six of them across the expansive space. The terminal's main design is inspired by the orchid, Singapore's national flower, and Changi placed petal designs everywhere, from the carpets to the ceilings.

Singapore Adds Finishing Touches to Changi Airport's Stunning Jewel Digital Trends


We can probably agree that unless you're a plane spotter, an airport isn't the kind of place where you want to hang out. But Singapore's award-winning Changi Airport could be about to change all that when its stunning Jewel complex opens next month. The Jewel is a massive new shopping, dining, entertainment, and accommodation complex that's connected to the airport and open to everyone, not just travelers. Designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie at a cost of $1.3 billion, the space is housed inside a striking dome-shaped glass and steel facade that's bound to catch the eye of passengers as they come in to land at Singapore's main hub. Besides the Jewel's 280 shopping and dining outlets, the interior also features the Rain Vortex, the 40-meter-high centerpiece described as the world's tallest indoor waterfall, as well as the extensive and climate-controlled Forest Valley gardens.

The world's best airport is about to become the only one with a hedge maze


Airports are often merely places to kill a couple of hours during transit, but Singapore's upcoming extension to its airport is going to make travellers want to hang out a little longer. Changi Airport just released teaser footage of its planned Jewel complex, a sprawling 134,000 square metre (approximately 33 American football fields) mall that'll open in 2019. And it looks well worth the wait. Apart from shops and restaurants, the mall will also include indoor gardens and walking trails. On its top floor are two 500 square metre mazes by renowned UK maze designer, Adrian Fisher -- one made of hedges, and the other comprised of a series of mirrors.