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Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause's bold promise to Ron Artest about 'destroying' Michael Jordan's six titles

FOX News

The NBA suspended their season last week with no indication of when it will return. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver comments on how the pandemic may have altered the league's calendar permanently. Former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause had an interesting proposition for Ron Artest -- also known as Metta World Peace -- when he was drafted by the team in 1999. Artest was determined to one-up Bulls legend Michael Jordan and continue to build past the two three-peats that Jordan and Scottie Pippen won for the franchise in the '90s. Artest, who admitted that he was a fan of the Bulls as a kid, said that Krause built into that energy by promising that the next championship the Bulls would win would "destroy" the other six Jordan brought home during his time with the team.

'9-1-1' Spoilers: Peter Krause's Bobby Gets Emotional In Episode 2 Sneak Peek

International Business Times

The sneak peek of "9-1-1" Season 1, episode 2 is hinting at an emotional turn of events for Peter Krause's Captain Bobby Nash. Elsewhere, Connie Britton's Abby will receive some help from firefighter Buck (Oliver Stark), while Angela Basset's Athena Grant will team up with Hen (Aisha Hinds) on a new mission.

California Court Clears Way for Possible Pardon of Lawmaker

U.S. News

The justices' decision came after the governor's legal affairs secretary, Peter Krause, sought the court's input last month. Wright presented a "favorable case for a pardon," Krause said in a letter to the justices in October, saying the Legislature has since clarified the law about a politician's residence.

Dancing with some thoughts on Michael Jordan and his documentary

Boston Herald

Stray thoughts as a nation finds itself incapable of socially distancing from "The Last Dance"… The captive audience thing is working out for the entity in a big way. People are clearly hungering for interesting programming and, maybe even more than that, the shared experience that such appointment viewing brings. And that latter aspect is most welcome at this time. Just look beyond the ratings for the Jordan doc to the number of shows that base their content on reactions to the Sunday night airings. Then add in the written stories, such as the one you're reading, that offer opinions, anecdotes and interviews with those connected to the '90s NBA.

'9-1-1' Actor Peter Krause Reveals Why He Joined Ryan Murphy's New Show

International Business Times

Hollywood actor Peter Krause is starring as one of the lead characters in Fox's all-new procedural drama, "9-1-1." Ahead of the show's premiere this week, the 52-year-old has revealed why he accepted show creator Ryan Murphy's proposal to do the series right away.