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System Provides Home Security and Automation

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My only complaint is that the smartphone app makes it too easy to unlock a door or open a garage door. The if you simply touch the unlock icon (below) it will carry out the action without your having to confirm it. I had it happen a couple of times by accident -- I'm guessing it's a form of "pocket dialing," but I can't confirm that. I would like to see Vivient give users the option of having an "are you sure" confirmation before any doors are opened or unlocked.

NETSCOUT provides service assurance for Southern Linc's private 4G LTE network - Help Net Security


NETSCOUT announced that it is supporting Southern Linc in providing end-to-end service assurance visibility for their private 4G LTE network. Working with NETSCOUT, Southern Linc can provide its power grid customers with a mission-critical, continuously available, secure environment. "Our customers depend on Southern Linc to provide a highly reliable mission-critical LTE network for their critical data and voice communications," stated Tami Barron, president and CEO, Southern Linc. "NETSCOUT was able to support these needs by deploying their solutions in our data centers. As a result, they're helping us provide a more resilient and secure wireless communications network with the quality our customers demand." NETSCOUT worked with Southern Linc to install nGeniusONE, nGenius Session Analyzer, Packet Flow Switches, and high-capacity InfiniStreamNG probes in two data centers to help accelerate root cause identification and streamline workflows to provide network operations with a consistent and secure end-user experience.

Catalonia's High Court Asks Spanish Police to Provide Security in Case of Independence

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The decision to ask for Spanish national police to supplement Catalan police guarding the building was taken in order to increase the security of the building and to "guarantee its full and normal operation" in the event of a Catalan declaration of independence from Spain, the court said in a statement.

Athenta Technologies provides surveillance and security for Guru Purab - CRN - India


Athenta provided surveillance and a centralized web-based platform for monitoring and management of 20 Zonal Viewing Centers and end-point devices spread across the Sultanpur, Lodhi for the festival of Guru Purab. They offered the Integrated Command and Control Center as the nerve center for all Smart City Operations working as a virtual third eye providing 24*7 operational monitoring of the entire city. Gopal Joshi, Director Sales, Athenta Technologies, said, "We are extremely pleased to be a part of such a festival where we are contributing with our solutions to keep a check on every single activity and surveillance equipment and ensuring the system and the infrastructure is up and running efficiently. Athenta aims to achieve twin purpose with this initiative i.e. to control any incident for safe procession and safety of the devotees and secondly by increasing the efficiency of the city surveillance for easy access and monitoring." The Integrated Command and Control Center takes live feed from CCTV cameras/Surveillance System, city network, automation location tracking system (ALTS), Video Management System (VMS), Variable Message System (VaMS) & Video Analytics; installed all over the city to gather inputs from various departments and applications for analysis and research for better planning and implementation of the City.

Artificial intelligence provides hope for hardening K-12 schools


The tragic school shootings of recent years have led to a great deal of discussion around "hardening" K-12 schools to gun violence. And, the concept of "hardening" usually conjures visions of metal detectors, armed guards, active shooter drills and any number of bullet-proof products, from windows to white boards. Truly hardening a K-12 school system from gun violence, however, requires a more nuanced approach. First of all, disrupting the normal flow of education with pat-downs and other intrusive activity can have a detrimental effect on students by instilling the notion that they are constantly in danger, or that the school perceives them as a threat. The tradeoffs between security and the student experience need to be considered, particularly when it involves introducing more stress on kids who already have to spend too much of their childhood participating in active shooter drills.