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Ambarella Becomes an Artificial Intelligence Stock


"Ambarella is an artificial intelligence ("AI") company," says the first line in a recent Ambarella (AMBA) investor presentation to Morgan Stanley. More than four and a half years ago, we wrote about how Ambarella was seeing very strong revenue growth selling semiconductor processing solutions for video in four primary segments: camera-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), wearable cameras like GoPro, cameras for drones, and home automation cameras. Since that article, shares of Ambarella have fallen -50% compared to a NASDAQ return of 73% over the same time frame. Fortunately, the company is being forthcoming with investors as to why the company's stock has performed so poorly. We had previously remarked how a lack of transparency into the company's financials prevented investors from seeing which of these areas were contributing to all that strong revenue growth.

Time to Buy This Beaten-Down AI Tech Stock?


This has been a brutal earnings season for investors who hold a lot of growth stocks. Markets are down, and Wall Street sentiment is shifting toward safer, more established businesses. Many of these growth stocks are issuing conservative outlooks for the fiscal year ahead, too, after several years of booming gains. It was still jarring to see Ambarella ( AMBA -6.21%) shares fall over 30% after the company reported solid fourth-quarter results. The company, which develops AI video processing tech in the autonomous driving and security markets, has some big markets it can target over the next few years.

Should You Buy the Dip In This Top Automotive Chip Company?


Ready or not, autonomous driving car features are coming. Starting with model year 2024, Nvidia's ( NVDA -2.10%) DRIVE Orin chip and sensor system will be available for use among automakers. But there are other ways to play the development of vehicle autonomy. One of them is small chip designer Ambarella ( AMBA -2.35%). After more than doubling its stock price over the last three years (which includes the recent 60%-plus sell-off from all-time highs), Ambarella is putting up solid numbers as its computer vision chips find their way into more automaker technology designs.

Top AI Chip Announcements Of 2020


Last year, we compiled a list of top chips for accelerating ML tasks. We talked about the rising demand of AI-based systems on Chips and the year 2020 is no different -- the trend continued. While few chipmakers capitalised on this trend, chip giants like Intel had to undergo a tough period. They even had to sell their NAND division to South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix. Even Apple announced their separation from Intel processors and opened a new chapter of Apple Silicon.

Ambarella Enables Artificial Intelligence on a Wide Range of Connected Cameras Using Amazon SageMaker Neo


LAS VEGAS -- Ambarella, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMBA), an artificial intelligence (AI) vision silicon company, today announced that Ambarella and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) customers can now use Amazon SageMaker Neo to train machine learning (ML) models once and run them on any device equipped with an Ambarella CVflow -powered AI vision system on chip (SoC). Until now, developers had to manually optimize ML models for devices based on Ambarella AI vision SoCs. This step could add considerable delays and errors to the application development process. Ambarella and AWS collaborated to simplify the process by integrating the Ambarella toolchain with the Amazon SageMaker Neo cloud service. Now, developers can simply bring their trained models to Amazon SageMaker Neo and automatically optimize the model for Ambarella CVflow-powered SoCs.