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The economy of 2030 will be built on technical innovations emerging from present-day labs, startups, and tech companies. Ranging from ultra-fast 5G connections that reduce latency, increase bandwidth, and enable real-time machine-aided decision-making, to advances in artificial intelligence. In combination, these technologies will enable large-scale shifts in our economy.

3 Things AI Can Already Do for Your Company


Cognitive technologies are increasingly being used to solve business problems; indeed, many executives believe that AI will substantially transform their companies within three years. But many of the most ambitious AI projects encounter setbacks or fail.

Artificial Intelligence and You: Demystifying the Technology Landscape


Artificial intelligence has already started to impact all of our lives, so hopefully this report has made today's AI technology landscape a little clearer. As artificial intelligence capabilities advance, there will be many exciting innovations that we'll continue to track here at HubSpot. For all of us as individual consumers, AI will change how we obtain information, interact with loved ones, and buy from businesses. As professionals, AI has the potential to augment the way we work and make us much more efficient by taking care of the busywork we all hate doing. On a societal level, AI can help us discover cures to diseases, facilitate the education of millions of people, and yes, even generate heated debates on ethics.

What language technology can and can't do

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Computers have got much better at translation, voice recognition and speech synthesis, says Lane Greene. But they still don't understand the meaning of language