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Price elasticity Split - Base price elasticity and Promotional Price Elasticity


I would like to understand more about Price elasticity, especially Base price elasticity. I would like to know what would be the impact of price change on a longer term. At this moment, we do understand the overall price elasticity, which will also include promotional price. If anyone know how to calculate the base price elasticity help me understanding the topic?

Wholesale prices in Japan fell 0.4% in March on waning demand for crude

The Japan Times

Japan's wholesale prices fell 0.4 percent in March from a year earlier, as the global spread of COVID-19 weighed on a wide range of economic activities, the Bank of Japan said Friday. The prices of goods traded among companies marked the first decline in five months, as a recent fall in crude oil prices also had a negative effect on prices in Japan. They climbed 0.8 percent in February. By item, prices for oil and coal products plunged 10.3 percent, reflecting a price war in oil markets between Russia and Saudi Arabia in the reporting month, while demand for oil products plummeted due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus. Prices for nonferrous metal products dropped 7.6 percent while scrap and waste prices dived 29.6 percent due to slowing demand on the back of the coronavirus pandemic.

US consumer prices rose in September on higher oil costs

U.S. News

The Labor Department said Tuesday that consumer prices increased 0.3 percent last month. Much of that rise stemmed from energy, housing and prescription drugs. Energy costs surged 2.9 percent in September as oil and gasoline prices rebounded from recent lows. Previous price declines still mean that gas costs 6.4 percent less than a year ago.

House price squeeze: 'I bid dozens of times but lost'

BBC News

"You're seeing greater and greater affordability pressures," says Alexander Hermann, senior research analyst at Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. "And the price growth is not just unprecedented nationally.

GoDaddy Closeout Domains Recap – November 12 - Domain Recap


GoDaddy's Domain Closeouts are prior domain auctions that did not sell, and take place right before the domain is officially deleted and sent back to the registry to release for anyone to hand register at cost. Within this time period, GoDaddy offers these closeout domains up for immediate sale in a 5-day Buy-it-Now (BIN) reverse auction format, where it starts at the initial $11 (plus registration costs) and then the price drops daily before finishing at a final $5 BIN. Obviously this isn't the place to go looking for LLL.COM domains or premium one-word .COM names, but there are usually some nice deals hidden deep within the GoDaddy Closeout listings and we've tried our best to find some of these gems with potential value. Due to reader requests, we have totally revamped the format of this article, providing additional information about each domain auction, such as Price, Age, and Valuation, as well as denoting each area's "Hot Pick" selections directly on the list, rather than in a text blurb. This should make it easier for everyone to find the pertinent data without having to hunt around for it.