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Craig Boutilier, University of Toronto Models for sequential decision making under uncertainty (such as Markov decision processes, or MDPs) have been studied in operations research for decades. The recent incorporation of ideas from many areas of AI, including planning, probabilistic modeling, machine learning, and knowledge representation, have made these models much more widely applicable. In this talk, Boutilier will survey recent advances within AI in the use of fully-and partially-observable MDPs as a modeling tool, and the development of computationallymanageable solution methods. He will place special emphasis on algorithms that exploit specific problem structure and approximation techniques. Why Do We Need a Body Anyway?

Can Alexa Take On Venmo?

International Business Times

Venmo, the person-to-person payment app owned by PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL), has been the payment provider's rising star since it was acquired along with Braintree in 2013. Venmo is extremely popular with millennials, who find the app particularly useful for splitting shared costs like a restaurant bill, rent, and utilities. The app has become so popular it has achieved verb status, with younger users saying, "just Venmo me." This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool. Last year, Venmo's payment volume increased 97% year over year to $35 billion.

The Indians who used kayaking to lift themselves out of poverty

BBC News

The BBC's Varun Nayar tells the incredible story of young Indians who used kayaking to fight poverty and transform the lives of their families.

5 Organisations Capitalising On Voice Technology - Disruption Hub


Voice powered assistants like Cortana, Siri and the Google Assistant have surpassed their initial developmental stages to become helpful tools rather than a source of amusement. It's possible that, one day, all of our technological commands could be issued via speech. Here are five sector wide organisations already making the most of voice technology, starting, of course, with Amazon. Having developed the hugely popular Alexa platform, Amazon remains one of the pioneers of voice technology. Alexa powers Amazon's smart home Echo devices, which gradually learn about owner preferences and deliver relevant suggestions.

Computational Photography Comes into Focus

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Over the last decade, digital cameras have radically refocused the way people capture and manipulate pictures. Today, the snap of a photo is merely a starting point for composing and manipulating an image. A photographer can make basic changes to a picture from within the camera, but also may use photoediting software on a computer to significantly alter the look, feel and composition. "We can use computation to make the process better, both aesthetically and in terms of greater flexibility," explains Frédo Durand, a professor in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Researchers and engineers are now taking the concept further.