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Data Science:Data Mining & Natural Language Processing in R


Learn to carry out pre-processing, visualization and machine learning tasks such as: clustering, classification and regression in R. You will be able to mine insights from text data and Twitter to give yourself & your company a competitive edge. My name is Minerva Singh and I am an Oxford University MPhil (Geography and Environment) graduate. I recently finished a PhD at Cambridge University (Tropical Ecology and Conservation). I have several years of experience in analyzing real life data from different sources using data science related techniques and producing publications for international peer reviewed journals.

Top Data Science Developers Pack The Data Science Course 2020 - Start Now


The power of data is undeniable, especially organized data. This is why currently data scientists rake in an average salary of over $100,000! This is also why Big Data and Data Analytics have become hot topics in todays world. All things considered we have designed this course aimed at complete beginners as well as intermediate students who want to master the art of data analytics and learn exactly how to make sense of data! The course has been designed to help breakdown everything you need to understand exactly how to get started with Data Science.