Machine Learning with SQL


Python (and soon JavaScript with TensorFlow.js) is a dominant language for Machine Learning. There is a way to build/run Machine Learning models in SQL. There could be a benefit to run model training close to the database, where data stays. With SQL we can leverage strong data analysis out of the box and run algorithms without fetching data to the outside world (which could be an expensive operation in terms of performance, especially with large datasets). This post is to describe how to do Machine Learning in the database with SQL.

Paid Program: Shoppers Love High Tech


Reports of the retail industry's demise are greatly exaggerated. The sector will grow between 3.8 percent and 4.4 percent this year, driven by high consumer confidence and a robust economy, according to the National Retail Federation. What's more, retail employment continues to be robust, though it remains cyclical, the NRF reports. While retail is far from a dying industry, there's no doubt that the digital revolution is changing it dramatically. "I can either shop on my own couch or I can shop at the retailer's shelf--and I'm going to need a powerful reason to get off my couch," is the way Michael Forhez, an Oracle senior director of retail and consumer goods, sums up the challenge before brick-and-mortar stores.

The very best notebooks for getting yourself organized

Popular Science

Whether you want to get more done every day--have you heard of bullet journaling?--or are trying to be more organized at work, school, or home, a notebook you cherish can be the difference between a happy hum of productivity and, well, watching another episode Boston Legal. There are notebooks of all shapes and sizes laying around our office. We've got a passionate group over here, with strong preferences for certain pages, bindings, and paper weights. Some like dotted pages, others want those straight ruler lines. A smaller faction prefer the rigid structure of a grid.

This colorful, $22 journal could be your secret to happiness


Have you ever met someone who's just naturally happy, like, all the time? Despite the universe's best efforts to bring them down, they're carefree and hopeful and all sparkly inside, always walking around with a pep in their step. They're the Tiggers in a world of Eeyores, so to speak. And sure, these people can come off as a bit naïve sometimes, but admit it: There's always a part of you that's thinking, "What are they doing that I'm not?" Spoiler alert: Sometimes becoming happier is as simple as just *trying* to be happier -- as in, dedicating a few minutes each day to practicing optimism and gratitude., the company that brought you the productivity-boosting Mindful Notebook, just made that real easy with its new happiness-themed notebook.