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Wahoo Gives the Roller Bike Trainer a Smarter, Safer Update


My most vivid memory of a roller trainer is of the night a cycling friend used his in a showdown to see who among us had the best balance after a margarita or two. The contest was a good example of how quickly a roller, which requires technical skill from the rider to balance their bike on the fore and aft rotating drums, can become a weapon of mass destruction when said rider loses their balance, falls off, and takes out, say, precious family heirlooms. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. So I was excited to see the new Wahoo Fitness Kickr Rollr, a roller trainer designed to reduce the probabilities of flying off. This latest release from the maker of endurance training equipment combines a roller--where back and front wheels float freely, requiring that skilled balancing act to stay upright--with a smart trainer, which keeps the bike firmly clamped in place.

Indoor cycling: How new training technology allows rides and races despite lockdowns

The Independent - Tech

But instead, for the most part, cyclists are taking their riding, training and racing indoors. The tremendous growth of indoor cycling technology – everything from bikes made to be ridden indoors to virtual worlds to steer them through – has meant that riding and racing has not stopped, so much as gone into an entirely new world. The lockdowns have not caused cycling to change direction, but rather made it surge down the path it was already going: Strava's "Year In Sport" report from 2019, for instance, showed that indoor rides were already surging. "Indoor/virtual cycling is the next big thing in biking," the company noted at the end of last year, "virtual reality cycling adoption by cyclists has nearly tripled since 2016". The report was more right than it could possibly have imagined. In recent weeks and months, indoor cycling technology has almost entirely sold out everywhere, and online virtual platforms are heaving with riders, including many people who were previously resistant to the idea that technology could replace or improve the experience of going outside.

Garmin Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer Review: A Realistic Indoor Bike Ride


Most of us cyclists would prefer to be pedaling switchbacks up a mountain road with a real Tyrrhenian Sea breeze boosting us from the backside. Of course, the current pandemic makes such outings impossible. We can all hope that one day soon we may be able to feel the fresh air of the Italian countryside, or wherever you happen to ride. Until then, however, the next best thrill is to hop on Garmin's Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer. For cyclists, smart trainers rank right up there with toilet paper on the list of "must haves" during a quarantine.

Best exercise bike for 2022


It's not always possible to ride outside. You might live where it gets cold and dark early for a third of the year, or your schedule doesn't lend itself well to being able to ride outside all the time or maybe you're one of many people who struggle to balance on an outdoor bike and it's just easier to ride indoors. Whatever the reason, indoor exercise bikes are a fantastic way to get a deep workout in not a lot of time and without having to go to a gym. As much as I love my road bike, I wouldn't be the cyclist I am today without an exercise bike. Whether I'm training during the week for a Century ride or it's just too dark for me to get out there in the morning when I prefer to be on a bike, my exercise bike helps keep me active.

Wahoo launches new 'SYSTM' training platform as indoor cycling continues to grow in popularity

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Wahoo has launched a new training app, named SYSTM, as the popularity of indoor cycling and working out at home continues to grow. The new platform enters into a market filled with competitors – such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and Peloton – all of which aim to make interesting and exciting ways for cyclists to work at home, in a variety of ways. Historically, Wahoo has made a number of the key bits of technology required to take part in that indoor training, such as smart trainers onto which a bike can be mounted so that people can pedal on the spot. But it has not offered its own complete training platform, instead encouraging users to do workouts and save their progress on third-party software, such as Strava or Training Peaks. Now Wahoo is finally offering its own training platform, which has exercise sessions built-in but also the ability to plan and track progress through a calendar.