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What is Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (CRPA)? by Venkateshwarlu Kakkireni


Cognitive Robotic Process Automation is the next step in the evolution of robotic process automation trends. Many of the leading robotic process automation companies are already eyeing the big shift towards the cognitive automation. Cognitive robotic process automation is basically a combination of robotic process automation and Data Analytics, which together make it easy and effective to manage processes that are information-intensive, in an intelligent and efficient manner. By that definition, it is a marriage between artificial intelligence and cognitive computing methods. By incorporating artificial intelligence, cognitive automation broadens the scope and depth of actions that would typically be associated with RPA.

IoT News - 4 Important Reasons Automation Is A Must For Companies In 2020 - IoT Business News


There are new business processes, technologies, and IT environments around every corner in the digital age of today. And they keep getting more complex with each release and update. Many businesses, large and mid-size have already integrated unique systems and applications at scale. But automation remains elusive for many companies. The truth is that companies can no longer scale and stay competitive without automation.

Here come the Robots Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Insurance


Of course, if you discount the date, we also just launched the First Ever Robot-Run Insurance Agency which moves from Robotics to Robo Advice, a whole new world indeed.

The future of automating all types of work - Cloud computing news


Developments including artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation bring the promise of transforming work as we know it. Those transformed work processes will operate in a completely different way: fully automated and autonomous, with smart machines doing the work. The vision is to free humans from performing mundane and repetitive business tasks and assist them with better access to better information to better serve customers and the business. For C-suite executives and technologists today, the challenge is to move beyond the hype of digital transformation to use data and automation in ways that make a real difference in the performance of the organization. Automating work may seem like it's just about technology, but the transformation that matters most is strategic.