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There's reportedly a secret Tinder for rich, beautiful people

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Did you know there's reportedly a version of dating app Tinder none of us can use? TechCrunch reports the app targets "elite users" of Tinder, including CEOs, models, or others who are really rich and/or attractive. So how does one get in to Tinder Select? It's invite only, but users approved for Select can also nominate other users to join the club. The report says users can toggle between Tinder and Tinder Select, depending on the situation.

There's a secret, celebrity-only version of Tinder


An anonymous source told TechCrunch that the platform was designed for "celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder." We can only assume that those folks who get an excessive number of right-swipes are considered to join the rich and famous in the backstage area. That same report explains that while certain users have the power to nominate friends for inclusion, numbers are kept strictly limited in order to preserve Tinder Select's cachet. It's believed that the service has existed for around six months, with the company apparently happy to keep its existence a secret. Given that the point of the service is to keep the elite from mixing with the rest of us, that's not much of a surprise.

Secret Tinder for models?

FOX News

Happen to be rich, famous, or really good looking and can't seem to find anyone on your level to date? Tinder might be able to help you out. The dating app is reportedly catering to the rich and famous with a new version of the service dubbed Select. According to TechCrunch, the members-only version is meant for "elite users" such as CEOs, models, celebrities, and other "hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types." An anonymous source told the news outlet it's basically "for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder."

How To See Who Swiped Right: Tinder Gold Subscription Shows Who Already Likes You

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Tinder has announced its new subscription service Tinder Gold, and it brings exclusive features to the mobile dating app. Tinder Gold isn't available yet, but it will begin testing in Canada, Australia, Argentina and Mexico in the "coming days." Tinder Gold is an available upgrade to the current Tinder Plus subscription service and the free version of the dating app. One of the most pronounced new features that will be available with a Tinder Gold membership is the ability to see who already "Likes You." Tinder Gold members will be able to see people who've already "liked" them by going to the app's new "Likes You" section. From their, users will be able to see a grid of profiles which users can browse vertically.

How to cancel Tinder Gold


We've all been there: You're under the covers, scrolling through Tinder way past your bedtime. You're on a left-swipe roll and accidentally pass on someone you would've swiped right on so hard your thumb would break. The only way to Rewind -- reverse your last swipe -- is to pay for Tinder, so why don't you go ahead and just drop some dollars a month to pay for a Tinder Gold subscription? This will set you back $14.99 for one month, though the per-month cost decreases the longer you subscribe: $7.50 per month for six months ($49.99 total) or $5.00 per month for 12 months ($59.99 total). If, when you get the next month's charge, you regret this decision, you'll need to cancel Tinder Gold.