Former NYC mayor Dinkins sued, says he wasn't aware his car hit bicyclist

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NEW YORK – Former New York City mayor David Dinkins says he was never aware he had struck a bicyclist with his car earlier this summer. Dinkins made the claim in response to a lawsuit filed Friday that says Dinkins left the scene after striking a bicycle deliveryman June 30. The former Democratic mayor said in a statement Saturday he was driving his wife to the hospital when a man told him Dinkins' car had been hit by a bicycle half a block away. Dinkins says he later returned to the alleged accident scene but didn't find anyone there. He says police interviewed him and inspected his car.

The Case for Giving Robots an Identity


The first time Stephanie Dinkins met Bina48, in 2014, she worried the thing was dead. "She was turned off," Dinkins says. Dinkins caught the robot's stare and knew she'd found her muse. Bina48 had been conceived several years earlier by Martine Rothblatt, the polymathic entrepreneur. Rothblatt fashioned the AI-powered bot in the likeness of her wife, Bina, training its speech patterns on a database of Bina-isms.

'The Wereth Eleven' Remembers African-American Soldiers

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"They were (prisoners of war) at first after the battle. As they were POWs, a British plane came by and fired at the SS troopers. During that chaos, 11 soldiers escaped and ran through the woods," Price explained. "They were only able to grab two rifles, and through the woods they went. There was snow up to their knees, bitterly cold.

Martinsville Restores Historic African-American Cemetery

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The Martinsville Bulletin reports People's Cemetery was established in 1918 for black residents of Martinsville and Henry County. For years, it had been overgrown, with tombstones damaged and weeds covering some of the graves.

Arizona Sees Swell in Number of African-American Candidates

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Kiana Sears, a statewide candidate who is running for one of two seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, joined Ferrell and four other African-American candidates at a forum in early August. She told the group one of her top priorities is helping to ensure Arizona increases its renewable energy portfolio, citing higher rates of asthma among African-American children. The commission regulates electric utilities, water companies, railroad safety and securities.