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HTC confirms layoffs as it combines VR and smartphone divisions


It's been an interesting few months for HTC. Google bought the team responsible for Pixel phones last year for $1.1 billion. The president of HTC's smartphone operations just resigned, claiming a "personal career plan" for the move. Now, the remaining US workforce is facing layoffs. As first reported by Digital Trends this week, HTC has confirmed that it will combine its smartphone and VR divisions, resulting in employee reductions.

2017 Personal Branding Trends 2017 Part 3: The Rise Of The Social Employee

Forbes - Tech

Every year, I share the personal branding trends that will impact your success and happiness at work. In case you missed them, here are parts 1 (The Death Of Text) and 2 (The Proliferation Of The Free Agent) of the series. In this final post, I share with you the importance of the being a social savvy employee. There was a time when social media was blocked at many corporations. Employers believed their employees would waste company time and were concerned about employees speaking publicly about the company.

Employee satisfaction increases as a result of automation in the workplace


What is low-code and no-code? We also review the leading vendors with low- and no-code offerings. There are 12 technology trends to act as force multipliers of digital business and innovation over the next three to five years according to Gartner. Gartner defines Hyperautomation as a "disciplined, business-driven approach to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Hyperautomation enables scalability, remote operation and business model disruption."

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the HR Industry


Automated systems allow for a more intuitive, personalized, simple HR experience for candidates and employees. The trends and applications of AI in the HR and recruiting industry are countless, meeting the needs of employees and candidates through talent sourcing, candidate evaluation, employee development, scheduling interviews and meetings, and engaging with employees writes Valerie Caswell, online marketing professional, Gumessay. In all aspects of business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way things are done. With innovations in machine-learning technologies continually being developed, the future of the HR industry lies in the unique combination of digital AI and human services. Automated systems allow for a more intuitive, personalized, simple HR experience for candidates and employees.

97% of Employers see Employee Expectations of their Workplace Changing


New research from Aon, a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions (NYSE: AON), says that 97% of employers agree that employees' expectations of their experience in the workplace are changing. Aon's Benefits and Trends Survey 2019 highlights that employers are saying that employees' top priorities now include flexible working hours, agile working, mental health, diversity and inclusion and parental leave. Aon's Benefits and Trends Survey, now in its ninth year, is formed from the responses of over 200 employers of all sizes, from less than 100 employees to many thousands, who work across a broad range of sectors, with 75% of them working internationally. This year, a number of new questions were introduced, including changing workforce demographics, to support employer benefit strategies and provide industry analysis. The survey shows that 97% of companies agree that employee expectations of the workplace seem to be changing rapidly.