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Grok Your Data with the New MonkeyLearn Addon


But while we've been traditionally involved in providing you with the data that you need, we are now taking it a step further by helping you analyze it as well. To this end, we'd like to officially announce the MonkeyLearn integration for Scrapy Cloud. This feature will bring machine learning technology to the data that you extract through Scrapy and Portia. MonkeyLearn is a classifier service that lets you analyze text. It provides machine learning capabilities like categorizing products or sentiment analysis to figure out if a customer review is positive or negative.

Introducing RapidMiner extension for MonkeyLearn MonkeyLearn Blog


A few weeks ago we released the MonkeyLearn extension for RapidMiner, and since then it has become one of our sales team's favorite tools to demo and create a proof of concepts for our leads. Not only that, but we have users and customers using this integration to do some really interesting data analysis, saving hours of manual data processing with this extension.

Keep tabs on competitors with a customized Product Hunt notifications bot MonkeyLearn Blog


In a competitive tech industry, it's important to regularly scan the lay of the land to spot trends and stay a step ahead of your rivals. Reading Product Hunt can help you scope out the latest launches in your space so you don't fall behind, but manually reviewing the website on a regular basis can seriously drain your time and energy.

MonkeyLearn Zapier Integration MonkeyLearn Blog


We are excited to announce our MonkeyLearn integration with Zapier! Wouldn't be amazing if you had a simple idea on how to automate a manual workflow with AI and just try it out in a couple of minutes? Labeling your emails, tagging customer support tickets or organizing billing invoices are just a few examples of manual human processing that are time consuming and boring. Those tasks should be automated, but they usually involve some degree of human intervention to read and understand the content. In order to automate that, you must add a layer of Machine Learning to make machines understand that content.

New Languages, teams and analyzing data with Excel & CSV files MonkeyLearn Blog


Exciting news – we have finished integrating Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic native support within MonkeyLearn. Now you can train and consume machine learning models for text analysis in these new languages. For existing modules, you can change the language settings on the'Parameters' tab within your'Sandbox': Many users have requested the possibility to train text classifiers in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic, so we hope these additions enables the creation of new and exciting text analysis models. We plan to add more languages in the short term, so if you have any suggestions or want a specific language to be supported by MonkeyLearn, please let us know in the comments of this post. We've released a new feature to bring more power to your MonkeyLearn account.