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Video Analytics Industry Applications by Inference Labs


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Predictive Analytics – 5 Examples of Industry Applications Emerj - Artificial Intelligence Research and Insight


There is a certain level of stigma that exists around using machine learning and location data in business applications, understandably due to risks inherent in exploitation of individual privacy. But if we look under the hood of society's daily web of interactions, we see that the location information economy--from GPS to radio signal based-triangulation to geo-tagged images and beyond--is now almost ubiquitous, from the moment we track our morning commute to the end-of-day search for healthy and convenient take-out for dinner.

5G Will Improve Healthcare Setting Through Advanced Medical Applications

International Business Times

The world of technology is slowly transitioning to 5G, and the healthcare industry is expected to be one of the sectors that will largely benefit from the move. Intel's general manager of advanced 5G technologies, Robert Topol, said on Thursday that 5G will have various applications in the healthcare setting. At the start, such applications will be limited to non-invasive ones, Digitimes has learned. According to Topol, the medical applications of 5G technology will be felt mostly in telemedicine especially in telehealth, teleconsultation, telesurgery demonstration and other procedures that employ a non-invasive approach. Topol said Intel is optimistic that 5G will usher in a new period of transformation in areas that do not involve the use of instruments and apparatuses being inserted in the patient's body.

A New IDC MarketScape Assesses Ten General-Purpose Artificial Intelligence Software Platform Providers


International Data Corporation (IDC) published a new assessment of ten companies that provide general-purpose artificial intelligence (AI) software platforms. The IDC MarketScape report uses a comprehensive framework to assess these vendors relative to a set of criteria that explain both short-term and long-term success in the AI software platforms market. The evaluation also incorporates buyer perceptions of these providers' key characteristics and capabilities. The ten AI software platform providers evaluated in this MarketScape report are: Amazon Web Services, CognitiveScale, EdgeVerve, IBM, Loop AI Labs, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAS, Tencent, and Wipro. Marketing Technology News: RingCentral Named a November 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Unified Communications as a Service, Worldwide General-purpose artificial intelligence software platforms provide the functionality to analyze, organize, access, and provide advisory services based on a range of structured and unstructured information.