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Apple Data Science Interview Questions


Apple Inc. is one of the biggest technology companies in the world that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Apple is constantly in need of creative, passionate, and dedicated data scientists that can sit on any number of their teams. From its researched-based artificial intelligence development team at Siri to cloud-base architecture development team at iCloud, Apple has slowly but steadily been building data science teams to handle the avalanche of data accumulated on a daily basis. As with other big tech companies, the role of a data scientist at Apple varies a lot and is dependent on the teams you are assigned to. This means the job will require everything from analytics to machine learning software design to plain engineering.

TOO OLD FOR TECH? Dozens could join Google age-discrimination lawsuit

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An age-discrimination lawsuit filed by two people who interviewed unsuccessfully for jobs at Google could expand to encompass other individuals if a motion filed this week is successful. The motion for conditional certification of collective action status was filed in a San Jose federal court Wednesday. Computerworld reports that the motion, which is similar to a class action, aims to include "all individuals who interviewed in-person for any software engineer, site reliability engineer, or systems engineer position with Google in the United States in the time period from August 13, 2010 through the present; were age 40 or older at the time of interview; and were refused employment by Google." The motion seeks to make the case "opt-in", giving other parties the option to join an age-discrimination lawsuit filed against Google last year. The anti-discrimination suit was filed last year by Robert Heath and alleges that Google "engaged in a systematic pattern and practice of discriminating against individuals (including Mr. Heath) who are age 40 and older in hiring, compensation, and other employment decisions."

doks. innovation Enables Indoor Drone Flights for Next Level Digital Logistics


Inside a building GPS does not work. We use a combination of global mapping and local mapping… it is very very complex. This recording was made possible by (Hessen Trade and Invest). Doks.innovation is not a hardware startup, they only provide Benjamin has spent some time after university in marketing and consulting for some smaller and also well-known companies like Leica. Learn about our interviews hours before they are released, help in the selection of the startups we interview or even suggest startups to be interviewed, by becoming a Patron:

iPhone's secret history

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With the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's release this week, a number of Apple engineers who played an instrumental role in the iPhone's creation have been conducting interviews and shedding new light on how Apple managed to create such a revolutionary product in just about two years. Just last week, former Apple executive Scott Forstall -- who arguably had as big a role in the iPhone's development as anyone -- sat down for a wide-ranging interview with John Markoff at the Computer History Museum. More recently, former Apple engineer Tony Fadell sat down for an interview with Wired and provided us with some fascinating new details surrounding the iPhone's development. One of the more interesting tidbits centers on why we've seen so many varying origin stories regarding the device's initial development. Touching on this topic, Fadell articulated that Apple back in the mid-2000s was experimenting like crazy before ultimately landing on the iPhone's final design.

Innovation Abounds In Software Development, But Coding Interviews Won't Change Anytime Soon

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What is the future of software engineering interviews? Algorithmic problem-solving and software design have been around for a long time in interviews. They formed the core of how I was evaluated for my first interviews in 1990,and have continued to feature prominently every time I've been interviewed since. Because they're the best tool we have to evaluate someone's programming abilities and fit for the job. I've tried lots of other things, and seen lots of other things tried, but none have worked as well: Large software companies will use whatever criteria is correlated with hiring good performers for their company.