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What will America pay for H1-B Jobs?


A total of 300,000 candidates were approved for h1-b visa. Around 8000 applications were rejected, around 9000 applications were withdrawn and around 26000 applications were approved but later withdrawn.

Red Sox on track for $13M luxury tax despite mediocre record

FOX News

Boston Red Sox's Mookie Betts reacts after popping out in the third inning against the Toronto Blue Jays in a baseball game Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, in Toronto. The Boston Red Sox are on track to pay a $13.05 million luxury tax for a season in which they are likely to miss the playoffs. The World Series champions' payroll for purposes of the tax increased from $239.7 million on opening day to $242.8 million on Aug. 31, according to calculations by the commissioner's office obtained by The Associated Press. That is well over the $206 million threshold where the tax begins. As of opening day, the Red Sox were projected for an $11.76 million tax.

Rachel Maddow and Mary Trump make formidable TV combination

Boston Herald

Not only can President Donald Trump's niece Mary sell books, she can draw a crowd on television. Her one-hour interview with Rachel Maddow last Thursday reached 5.2 million people, the biggest audience ever for one of Maddow's shows and largest ever for a regularly-scheduled show on MSNBC, the Nielsen company said. That's not bad for July, when television audiences are generally the smallest of the year. Mary Trump's book, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man," approached 1 million units sold on pre-orders alone. First-week sales figures are due later this week.

These states are producing the most renewable energy. Where does yours rank?

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A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Demand for energy has skyrocketed in recent decades in the United States, driving up total electricity production by well over 700% since 1950. Today, over half of all electricity in the United States is generated from coal and natural gas – resources that are not only finite, but also environmentally harmful when burned and often also when extracted. As a result, the use of cleaner, renewable energy sources like hydro, wind, and solar, is becoming more common. Renewable energy accounted for 17.0% of the national energy mix in 2017, up from 8.5% a decade prior.

'America's Got Talent' tops ratings, loses Cowell for now

Boston Herald

"America's Got Talent" topped the ratings last week, but it faces the absence of Simon Cowell, seriously injured in an electric bicycle accident. Cowell, the NBC talent contest's creator and linchpin of its judging panel, underwent surgery for a broken back last Saturday, just before the show kicked off its live episodes this week. Kelly Clarkson, who came to fame as the first "American Idol" winner when Cowell judged the singing contest, was to step in as his temporary replacement. Fox News Channel continued its summer ratings romp, with Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity's shows combining to hold nine of the top 20 prime-time slots among all viewers. Broadcast networks, mostly relying on scripted reruns with a sprinkling of reality and game shows, were in their usual seasonal slump.