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The most anticipated Nintendo Switch games

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Nintendo announced all the details of its Switch console on Friday morning, revealing a 3 March launch date and £280 price tag. Everyone was expecting a new Super Mario title and perhaps a remaster of ElderScrolls V: Skyrim – and those were certainly delivered. But what else has been confirmed? Here are the titles we're most looking forward to. Now confirmed as a launch title, the latest adventure in the legendary series will see Link exploring a lushly detailed open-world version of Hyrule.

The top 10 video games of 2017

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In a lot of ways Breath of the Wild is a standard Zelda title. It's an action role-playing adventure, following Link as he sets out to kill the evil sorcerer Ganon before this mythic monster can escape an enchanted castle and destroy Hyrule. You battle monsters, level up, collect new weapons and items, slowly gain the strength needed for the final showdown.

'Paper Mario: The Origami King' unfolds on Nintendo Switch this summer


Paper Mario is back with a brand new paper-based adventure coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. Paper Mario: The Origami King is the sixth game in the RPG-ish Paper Mario series and it looks like it's going to have all the bright colors, charm, and hilarious jokes that have made the series so beloved thus far. This time around, an Origami King seems to be turning characters including Princess Peach into folded up, robot-like version of themselves and it's up to Mario to put a stop to it. The origami gimmick of this game looks like it's going to lead to some interesting puzzles and set pieces. The adventure of Paper Mario: The Origami King unfolds on July 17.

'Ring Fit Adventure' is back in stock at Best Buy — get yours before they're gone (again)


TL;DR: The highly sought after Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch has been nearly impossible to get as of late -- as of July 30 at this writing, Best Buy has a limited stock of the game, so act fast if you want one of your own. Ring Fit Adventure has been almost as impossible to get as a Nintendo Switch itself since lockdown started. Everyone wants one, and every single time it gets a restock, they're gone within hours. If you've been desperately trying to get your hands on a copy, that can be pretty frustrating, to say the least. But a restock is once again upon us, this time at Best Buy.

Get your first look at the 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Adventure Mode


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a single-player mode, and the latest Nintendo Direct offered a first glimpse on what to expect when the game launches on December 7th. Nintendo is calling it Adventure Mode: World of Light, and promises that it's "more about fun than story." The trailer offers some backstory to the mode. It shows dozens of well-known Nintendo characters lining up on a cliff edge, ready to battle Master Hands that descend from the sky. But the Master Hands transform into looping beams of light that carry away the characters, turning them into spirits.