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Venture Capital World Summit


We offer discussion panels, with many networking opportunities including private meeting rooms. This is an opportunity to meet high growth companies and investors from across the world. Attendees will also learn, debate, invest, and connect. Venture Capital lies in a context of Entrepreneurship and risk management. Summit partners will be seen as supporting local, national and international businesses and their relevant network communities, thus receiving long-term exposure and recognition.

Turkey's Erdogan Tells Muslim Summit Jerusalem Is Capital of Palestine

U.S. News

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called on world powers to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine on Wednesday and said the United States should reverse a decision recognizing the city as Israel's capital.

AI, Virtual Reality and Blockchain Meet Up in Dubai's Futurama Summit - IntelligentHQ


Technology is the key point for the future of all mankind. Every development brings new opportunities, opens new paths and solves already existent problems. But if we are to mention the three more disruptive ones, which are likely to change the way the world works in the years to come, we definitely need to pick the likes of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchain -and crypto-currencies for instance-. At least, that is how they think at The Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit, an event that will take place in Dubai from May, 3 – 6, and where these three technologies will be discussed and shared by the most representative experts on these categories. The summit will highlight "the fruits of the three most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century at once: blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Global AI & Robotics Summit held in Shenzhen - CCTV News - English


The Global Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Summit has opened in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Our reporter Ge Yunfei went to China's southern technology center to find out more about the potential of the budding industry. The success of Alpha Go in defeating the human mind has aroused the world of artificial intelligence. But at the Global Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Summit in Shenzhen, it's limitations have been projected. Michael Wooldrige -- who is leading a cooperation initiative between Oxford University and Google on artificial intelligence -- said although Alpha Go is unique in its own right, it's not THAT smart.

The Latest: Obama: World not yet free of nuclear weapons

U.S. News

President Barack Obama says more must be done to rid the world of nuclear weapons. He's calling on Russia to further reduce its nuclear weapons stockpile. He says the U.S. and its allies will continue standing up to North Korea over its continued nuclear tests and missile launches. Obama says world security also depends on the U.S. and other nations adopting a ban on all nuclear explosions and concluding a new treaty to end production of the material needed for nuclear weapons. Obama says achieving a world without nuclear weapons won't happen quickly and perhaps not in his lifetime.