Half of U.S. adults are profiled in police facial recognition databases


Photographs of nearly half of all U.S. adults--117 million people--are collected in police facial recognition databases across the country with little regulation over how the networks are searched and used, according to a new study. Along with a lack of regulation, critics question the accuracy of facial recognition algorithms. Meanwhile, state, city, and federal facial recognition databases include 48 percent of U.S. adults, said the report from the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law. The search of facial recognition databases is largely unregulated, the report said. "A few agencies have instituted meaningful protections to prevent the misuse of the technology," its authors wrote.

Man who used meat cleaver to attack officer is shot, New York police say

Los Angeles Times

Police say a man with a meat cleaver attacked an officer in New York City and was shot at least twice during a struggle with officers trying to subdue him. The gunshots rang out about a block from Macy's midtown Manhattan flagship department store just as rush hour was getting underway Thursday evening. Police say the wounded man was hospitalized in critical condition. An off-duty detective was has hospitalized for a slash wound to the face. A law enforcement official told the Associated Press that the officers had chased the man with the cleaver and had unsuccessfully tried to subdue him with a Taser before the struggle that led to the shooting.

Great Scott! Carjacker steals DeLorean and crashes after pursuit near beach, police say

Los Angeles Times

If police chases in Southern California couldn't get any more strange, imagine this: Officers stopped a carjacker who they said stole a DeLorean, then crashed during a slow-speed pursuit near Santa Monica beach. This scene played out Thursday along Ocean Avenue. The pursuit began about 7:15 a.m. when the owner of the gray DeLorean DMC-12 -- a vehicle made famous by the 1985 film -- was showing it off to spectators in the 2600 block of Ocean Front Walk, said Sgt. Erika Aklufi of the Santa Monica Police Department. "They were looking at the car because it's so interesting," she said. As onlookers marveled at the iconic car with its gullwing doors, Brian Scott Cottrill, 32, of Oregon approached the owner and took the rare automobile by force, police said.

Blue-haired woman arrested for scrawling anti-Trump graffiti on government buildings, police say

Los Angeles Times

Police said Tuesday they had captured the blue-haired woman who scrawled anti-Donald Trump graffiti on four Los Angeles County buildings. Surveillance cameras filmed a woman Sunday as she used a can of blue spray paint to deface multiple walls in downtown L.A. with vulgarities about Trump and other writings about the president-elect, according to Deputy Kelvin Moody, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The markings were found on the Hall of Justice, Hall of Records, Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center and the county's Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant. Officials released surveillance images of the woman, who wore a plaid shirt and had a distinct mop of blue hair. On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Department officers on patrol near 1st Street and Soto Avenue stopped a woman for having an open container in public and immediately recognized her as the suspect from the graffiti investigation.

Starbucks customers help capture robbers who stole woman's laptop, police say

Los Angeles Times

Berkeley police say Starbucks customers helped them capture armed robbers who made off with a woman's laptop. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that two Oakland men, ages 19 and 22, were arrested for the apparent robbery at a Starbucks about a mile from the campus of UC Berkeley. Police said witnesses described a man ripping a laptop away from a woman and heading for the exit, but a customer moved to block the door. The robber pulled out a gun, police said, and the customer moved away from the door. Police said a Starbucks patron told them a getaway vehicle and driver were waiting for the man.